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  1. really enjoyed this first single. can't wait to hear more!
  2. sweet! loved this band's first 2 albums. brings back the mmrs.
  3. had forgotten all about this gem of a release. Glad for the reminder and the remastered quality
  4. wow, had no idea this was coming out! Love Broods. Thank you!
  5. Wow, I really like this! Thanks for sharing!
  6. bummed. album seems way slow compared to older releases. Can't get into it.
  7. listening to this and can't help but get an Emery vibe.
  8. Thank you! Been too long since I've been able to flexicute.
  9. this is the album I've been waiting all year for! Finally!
  10. thanks! didn't know they had anything new out. New album in August?! awesome!
  11. phew. glad this leaked before the nuclear war/civil war starts!
  12. i hope he really does keep making music. his songs are all so good! He uploaded some tracks to YT under the s/n "never,forever" but he deleted them. luckily someone downloaded the tracks and re-uploaded them. Here's one below:
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