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  1. I hope they'll have a badass lyric video when it's officially released
  2. PassTheLeaks is faster & has way less ads than zippyshare
  3. So I now have God level status? Lol
  4. 1) Famous Last Words 2) Yellowcard 3) Of Mice & Men 4) This Wild Life 5) A Day To Remember 6) Shokran
  5. The track previews are on the Rocksound Instagram account & barely any sound good x)
  6. Famous Last Words's Two-Faced Charade, brilliant album and storyline.
  7. One of the track previews has similar instrumentals to "The Hero (Pay The Price)" by JT lol Its 4min 30sec into the preview.
  8. Excited for the last half of the album! Like tracks 7-12 all sound like solid songs.
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