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  1. There's what looks to possibly be an extra track on the physical copy of the CD entitled IPSUM
  2. Excited for the album but could only uncompress 12 of the songs using ES File Explorer.
  3. Who knew Iron Man could play the piano so well ?
  4. @Lord Kingdom The download link takes me back to the KL homepage
  5. There's now a new band called Night On Fire reformed from old members of TLOOK. The singer went on to create the band Via Vanity which then changed their name to Patient 57
  6. The band was having troubles with the record label & in spite of them they leaked the album online & it made my day lol
  7. This album is right up there with The Fever 333 - Strength In Numb333rs. I never listened to his albums before but this one is powerful.
  8. I hope they'll have a badass lyric video when it's officially released
  9. PassTheLeaks is faster & has way less ads than zippyshare
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