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  1. He says he's dropping the final version of this album tomorrow and another new album next week so I guess keep an eye out for those, these aren't the final mixes apparently.
  2. This album was produced by the same person who did the The Black Parade (Rob Cavallo) so.... This guy got me into underground hip-hop because of his emo and rock influences I am honestly so confused how people are so blind to why he's referred to as an emo rapper. He came up using beats with samples from bands like Brand New, Modern Baseball, Silversein, Underoath and his lyrics are emotionally honest and more sung than rapped. I personally can't name anyone else doing an album like this right now (taking original guitars written/recorded with a renowned Emo/Rock producer, turning them into hip-hop beats) Of course I am biased as I am a big fan, but he's blown up so fast over the last year (from 10k to 550k on IG) so he's definitely doing something right. If you're an elitist I can see why it's easy to hate this guy but if you're open minded I think this album is worth a listen.
  3. Oh you poor uneducated soul
  4. BTW if you like the electronic elements on this EP check out Judge Beats, Y2K and Lophiile (Scout from Issues). They all worked on it
  5. It's been on iTunes Japan for a week FYI if you want a complete release
  6. Big Chocolate - Aunt Valen (Ruddyp Remix) Part of his Clean, Red, Friends warped tour exclusive album, but its also supposedly on the physical (but it hasn't shown up anywhere). I've been looking for years..
  7. So excited for this, thanks for posting
  9. I've always been a bigger fan of their songs with cleans than those without, this song further solidifies that for me. A+
  10. I've been waiting for this for a while just because of the artwork and logo alone. Apparantly the guy who made the artwork created a new language or symbols (can't remember) to fit it all in that arch.
  11. Great stuff, thanks!
  12. Thank you for this! Hoping Michael's cleans will grow on me, not enjoying them too much right now but that's not to say he is a bad singer, just not better than Tyler.