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  1. such a classic incredible album
  2. they know what they're doing
  3. single

    he's incapable of making a bad song. this is so good!!
  4. as expected, another banger from the boys. stoked for more!
  5. they're great, and this is a really good single.
  6. now this is what I call a single! so much better than "now or never"
  7. awesome band and single!
  8. freaking awesome, that's what this is! I seriously cannot wait to hear more. great job guys!
  9. single

    sounds good
  10. yesssssss!! so ready to jam this!
  11. I didn't expect new b&c so soon, this makes me so happy! thank you!
  12. not a fan of the original, but I love this. the guys did great once again!