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  1. Would I be able to get these in 320(preferably) . Much appreciated! Senses Fail Life is not a waiting room w/bonus tracks The Acacia Strain If you don’t know, now you know War From A Harlots Mouth Burning skies split thanks in advance!
  2. Was looking to get these 2 EP’s by bleed the dream in 320 (if possible) - Asleep Awake thanks in advance if these can be found!
  3. If unable to find in 320, I’ll take what you have. Much appreciated!
  4. If anyone can find A Different Breed Of Killer’s The City in 320 (preferably) or whatever format, that’d be amazing.. might be a long shot but I’m 🤞🏽
  5. Much appreciated!🤙🏽
  6. Hi all! I was hoping you can go down the rabbit hole for Bleeding Through’s 2000 demo if possible. In Any quality.. much appreciated if it can be found!
  7. it’s all good! I’ll take it.. much appreciated
  8. Hi! Looking for this album in 320 if possible Kid Gorgeous Blue Romance E.P. thanks!
  9. No worries! Appreciate the effort
  10. Hi! Can I please get these albums in 320? Much appreciated! June Make it Blur ATAL Into the Flood Blood and Aphorisms Anberlin Vital Remixes
  11. Hi! Can I please get these Thursday albums in 320? Thanks! A City by the Light Divided (w/bonus track) Common Existence (Deluxe Edition) Bonus: City by the Light Demos. No link but if you can dig this up from the grave that’d be awesome!
  12. Hi! Can I please get demos & rarities by the world we knew in 320 please Much appreciated! And glad they’re back
  13. Hi! Can I these albums in 320? Just the albums are fine: Sea of Treachery At Daggers Drawn Knights of the Abyss Decapitation of the Dark Ages EP Glass Casket To Cherish a Falsity thanks!
  14. Hi! Can I please get the Gaslight anthem albums in 320? Just these albums are fine: Handwritten (Deluxe) Señor and the Queen Sink or Swim demos Hold you up much appreciated!
  15. Hi! Can I please get Across Five Aprils and A Tragedy in Progress discography in 320? Just these albums are fine: A5A Living in the Moment Collapse Life Underwater ATIP Going Down with the Ship Mechanical Weather Bonus: A5A first two ep’s Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi! Can I please get these albums in 320? Thanks in advance! The Starting Line The early years Anyways ep Hidden in Plain View Animal ep Operation Cut Throat Find ep (no iTunes link so I attached this. A bonus if y’all can find this but no worries)
  17. hi! Was wondering if I could get this album in 320? The Acacia strain I requested for the most heard, unheard ep but got the most known unknown? Was wanting the ep with the dr doom demo. Attached is the link,_Unheard_E.P./168785 thanks If ya’ll can get this ep!
  18. Hi! Can I please get these albums in 320? Thanks in advance remembering never this hell is home the Acacia strain the most heard unheard,_Unheard_E.P./168785 (no iTunes link so I apologize in advance!)
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