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  1. Why "Gloria" is not listed on the tracklist? @mR12
  2. Didn't know there where Venezuelans here. Qlq? XD
  3. I'm so glad i didn't hesitated when I saw this and I downloaded it right away xD
  4. Hell yes.
  5. Waiting for the 320..
  6. Still better than Doris. I can't be the only one who gets some Cane Hill vibes out of this.
  7. *holy shits in spanish*
  8. Hell.. fucking.. yeah.
  9. Doris > Silence
  10. It would be cool to see them as a not cover band doing original stuff but still with the star wars theme
  11. OH GOD. Even on the file says Medley, damn. HAHAHAHA
  12. Holy fuck amazing as always.
  13. Holy shit dat release date xD
  14. I think the album is kinda good. 3/5.