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  1. Jesus... you made me laugh so hard
  2. This Album is for @BERO. This Album is for..oh wait. This Albumis pure love.
  3. Holy Shit. I lile this so much. Pls, play this live!!!
  5. This. Is. Amazing. Sure, im into Pop/Electro whatever and maybe this is the reason, why im so in love with this Album. Each Track is fucking great (beside medicine) and after a couple of spins, i likeit more than tts Thanks KL Fam!
  6. Den Song hab ich mit Anfang 20 richtig gefeiert. Danach hab ich aber auch das Interesse verloren.
  7. Okay, let's go; 1: Architects-Holy Hell 2: Counterparts-Private Room EP (i know its only an EP but fuck it) 3:Fit for a King-Dark Skies 4:The Amity Affliction-Misery 5:Blessthefall-Hard Feelings 6:Beartooth-Disease 7:Mike Shinoda-Post Traumatic 8:The Plot in You-Dispose 9:Landmvrks-Fantasy 10:Bury Tomorrow-Black Flame/Hawthor ne Heights-Bad Frequencies
  8. Holy Hell, Holy Grail, Holy Shit. Aoty incomming
  9. I dont want to hear the Song until the Album drops. Is this song similar to another Architects Song nor completly fresh?
  10. Oh my... The Chorus is soooo catchy. Great Song! Give me more Capsize pls!
  11. Just wait a few Days for the leak. Saturday/Sunday maybe
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