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  1. I need the Lyrics for 'Paradigm' Goddamn, this Song fucking SLAPS! Holy shit, this Album is a great surprise. 4D / Paradigm / Rift are my top 3 songs
  2. Smoke Signals is sickkkkkl. Fuck this is lit
  3. Sudden Sky is a fucking Banger. Nice Closer. Album is good tho
  4. -Core is my fave Genre, but there are some hot Hip-Hop Acts like MGK, NF, Witt Lowry. I live in Germany and we have some "Pop?" Rapper like Prinz Pi, Casper etc. Keep your Head up and listen to good music Edit:
  5. Stray From The Path - Fortune Teller 24.07
  6. Jesus... you made me laugh so hard
  7. This Album is for @BERO. This Album is for..oh wait. This Albumis pure love.
  8. Holy Shit. I lile this so much. Pls, play this live!!!
  10. This. Is. Amazing. Sure, im into Pop/Electro whatever and maybe this is the reason, why im so in love with this Album. Each Track is fucking great (beside medicine) and after a couple of spins, i likeit more than tts Thanks KL Fam!
  11. Den Song hab ich mit Anfang 20 richtig gefeiert. Danach hab ich aber auch das Interesse verloren.
  12. Okay, let's go; 1: Architects-Holy Hell 2: Counterparts-Private Room EP (i know its only an EP but fuck it) 3:Fit for a King-Dark Skies 4:The Amity Affliction-Misery 5:Blessthefall-Hard Feelings 6:Beartooth-Disease 7:Mike Shinoda-Post Traumatic 8:The Plot in You-Dispose 9:Landmvrks-Fantasy 10:Bury Tomorrow-Black Flame/Hawthor ne Heights-Bad Frequencies
  13. Holy Hell, Holy Grail, Holy Shit. Aoty incomming
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