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  1. Wow. So much amo reference. Why?
  2. 1. Counterparts-Nothing left to Love 2. Bring me the Horizon - amo 3. While she Sleeps - So what? 4. Imminence - Turn the Light on 5. Knocked Loose - A Different Shade of Blue 6. NF - The Search 7. The Devil wears Prada - The Act 8. Crown the Empire - Sudden Sky 9. Fever333 - Strenght in Numb3rs 10. Rammstein - Rammstein
  3. Yummi. The Song with Halsey is fucking Dope. GIVE ME MORE
  4. Ui, this Song is pretty catchy. Breakdown fits well and yeah, GIVE ME A BREAK
  5. Will you love me, when there´s nothing left to love?
  6. Holy shit. Ocean of Another is one of the best Songs, ive ever heard. The whole Album reminds me a lot of TDBHAH
  7. # oh shit, didnt noticed. Nice, lets hope for an early leak
  8. I need this Album right now. 3 Singles 10/10 and WILL YOU LOVE ME live. This Album will be my AOTY.
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