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  1. There is a new Capsize Single comming this Week
  2. Holy Hell, Holy Grail, Holy Shit. Aoty incomming
  3. Counterparts AOTY '17 Counterparts EOTY '18
  4. I dont want to hear the Song until the Album drops. Is this song similar to another Architects Song nor completly fresh?
  5. Oh my... The Chorus is soooo catchy. Great Song! Give me more Capsize pls!
  6. Just wait a few Days for the leak. Saturday/Sunday maybe
  7. OH YES!!! Thank you (: It starts with a Banger, 'engraved' is fucking nuts and gosh 'youth | division'.. the whole Record slams hard. This is easily a Top Tier Album 2018. Aoty (beside Counterparts and hopefully END) for me
  8. Wow! Is this a surprise Album? Didnt noticed a teaser/announcement for this. But thank you anyway ♡
  9. Jesus, another Banger. Aoty is comming soon
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