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  1. Okay, this is actually Not Bad at all. Idk Why the Take this One as the First Single, but dont worry, there will be some heavy shit on the new Album (they've played 2 new songs live). Btw; jeder der callejon die letzten 5 Jahre verfolgt hat weiß, dass auf jeder Platte mindestens 1 ruhiger Song zu finden ist ^^ alle mal relaxen
  2. Whup whup, this Song is Pretty cool! New Album incomming?
  3. Oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH! Adjust is a great Single, lets hope the whole record is sexy like thus Single. Thanks for sharing ♡♡
  4. Im pissed of u took Nsync instead off Backstreet Boys, cuz BsB is the best Band in the WORLD! (After Linkin Park)
  5. Opinions yeah, i know. This sounds nothing like HT or Meteora, but who cares? Fuck this, i can get in this Album and yes. I like it!
  6. Well, Talking to myself is LIT! Holy cow. I think, i have to listen 6,7 times to get into the other Songs, but guys. This is not bad at all! One more Light, Sharp Edges and Sorry for now are killer Tracks
  7. single

    Song is rly cool!
  8. Album is pretty cool, but 'Queen for Queen' is massive! Didn't expect a Banger like this
  9. Imo 'Siren song of the Counter Culture' is their best Work tbh
  10. This is so much better than 'the violence. Sounds great!
  11. Oh yeah. Thank you!
  12. Yes Yes Yes! The Violence = First Single (Releases Date: tomorrow)
  13. There is a Release Date for the new Album?
  14. Oh shit. I like this record much more than echoes. But yeah.. opinions
  15. Thank you so much!