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  1. When you say heavier stance are you talking a complete departure from the norm and full on breakdowns and screaming or the same Zebrahead sound but with a heavier vibe?
  2. YES! Could easily be a song from any other Disturbed album and I don't even care! There are some bands that just don't need to evolve or change and Disturbed are one of them.
  3. I am so jealous! Zebrahead will always be one of my favourite bands. This new MXPX album is great, proper catchy tunes for the summer.
  4. Damn it. I was hoping this was a single/album announcement!
  5. This band is just one of those guilty pleasure bands for me. I even enjoyed Fashionably Late. These two new singles are cringey but catchy like most of Ronnies output.
  6. I agree, this is a very very good album and a great direction Hoobastank have gone in. This has made me listen to their first album and crawling in the dark all over again. That song still gets me pumped.
  7. I don't care what anybody says there were some great tracks on the trilogy albums. This side project is more straight up rock and roll it seems. I like it.
  8. I doubted Eminem and this album after the shit show of promoting the damn thing but this album is fucking fire!!
  9. Eminem has two or three features at most on any of his albums...
  10. I absolutely fucking love this band and this album really doesn't disappoint. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am!
  11. Don't sleep on this people! If anyone who like me follows Tech N9ne's Strange Music label they will know that they are just putting out album after album of great music this year! Check them out!
  12. Cannot wait to listen to this!
  13. New Found Glory are the band that got me into all things Punk, Pop Punk, Post Hardcore etc... I will forever love the band and this album is no different. I love the new direction they have taken.
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