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  1. I mean didn't alpha wolf kick out Aidan after the sexual assault allegations? There was never any proof that I could find to my knowledge so it seemed like they kicked him out because they were afraid their band's reputation would be ruined
  2. Really? People actually like this?? Are we listening to the same song??? This track is fucking God awful, bow down was way better than this. This sounds so out of place the rapping does not suit them at all sylar pulls it off way better, really hope that this is just like a one off single and doesn't sound like anything else on the album.
  3. Wow does anyone remember the woe is me/issues feud back in 2012? This is literally like the same thing lmao alpha wolf vs dealer, 6 song ep's coming out on the same day with similar album artwork (all song titles listed on the front of the album) I'm hyped as fuck though I love both bands so much.
  4. Wow, end as ashes is probably the best song I've ever heard in this genre, "ambient metalcore" or whatever you want to call it. Seriously perfection from start to finish
  5. This sounds nothing like wage war, wage war doesn't have guitar tones that sound anything like this and the breakdowns in this song are super bouncy
  6. The audio production on this is phenomenal, and the last breakdown sounds fucking insane. That guitar tone is amazing. I prevail almost certainly did not write this song though, I'm surprised no one else has pointed out the similarities to blessthefall's last album hard feelings, since this song and that album are both done by Tyler Smyth from dangerkids. Listen to hard feelings and tell me the riffs and breakdowns don't sound really similar to this song. Fuck I still hate this band but I'm a sucker for good production, Tyler Smyth is the fucking man. I really hope there's more heavy songs on this album, this mix is just way to fire to not use it for really heavy metalcore
  7. I don't get the hype behind this band at all, lol like how are they so big their music is the definition of yawn as fuck
  8. This is one of the dumbest band names I've ever seen
  9. There is literally nothing wrong with this mix, it's meant to sound raw. I am seriously the first person to bitch about shitty production in music, and this mix sounds fine. It's done by the same dude that mixed all of alpha wolf's music anyway
  10. You should also check out amarionette, they sound extremely similar to this album. If you like this album then I guarantee you will love the recent amarionette ep and singles (their old music is still good but it sounds like dance gavin dance so it sounds a lot different than this) Also holy shit I love this album but I hated don't cry, I think that was an awful choice for a single. Easily the worst song on the album by far
  11. So ridiculously good, full of bangers front to back. Literally not a single track I dislike and no interludes, I can listen to this album front to back without skipping a track and there's very few albums I can say that about. That already means it's definitely gonna be in my top 5 this year. This band is like the perfect combination of the best parts of asking alexandria, emmure, and Attila, yet they still have a signature sound that's completely their own. Love this so much
  12. This band has always been mediocre to me, Jury of wolves was easily their best album. I'll try to listen to this again later but I've seriously tried to get into this band like 10 times and I can't fucking do it lol
  13. Lol I literally thought the same thing when I first read it, then I got really disappointed
  14. Lol didn't exotype act like children and complain that rise never cared about them and shit, I'm surprised the members got another label deal after all that drama
  15. Wow, the rope is so fucking incredible, yeah I have no idea why they didn't include the rope on the place i feel safest if they recorded it way before that album anyway it would be such a perfect fit for that record, but at least we get to hear it now. I love the whole ep but the rope is by far the standout track, I knew it was gonna be a banger after the first 3 seconds just like night terrors when I heard it for the first time, I was like oh shit this sounds like it's gonna be night terrors 2.0 right away lol
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