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  1. This is absolutely incredible, the vocals honestly make this album for me. That part at the end of say it to my face where he just whispers cunt a bunch of times is so fucking hard and cool, holy fuck that part makes me want to go crowd kill at a show and I hate crowd killers LOL
  2. I actually really like this, the song is catchy and the heavy part caught me off guard. If there's more heavy parts like that I'm sold. I really thought they were gonna drop screams entirely hopefully this isn't like the heaviest song on the album lol
  3. I like it. I really can't stand traditional nu metal like Korn and linkin Park, but when it's used as an influence and mixed with other genres I feel like the end result is usually pretty great
  4. Found the guy that has interlude tracks on his band that no one cares about's album
  5. The mix is fine, lol what are you people talking about
  6. Also I don't really like the term "nu metalcore" because it's not really accurate most of the time. This is just metalcore with nu metal influences, whereas I would consider afterlife and my enemies & I "nu metalcore" since nu metal is the backbone of those band's sounds.
  7. I like every song on this ep besides fault. I thought we were getting 4 new full tracks not just 3 and a crappy interlude. It really rubs me the wrong way when bands do that, I'd rather it just not be there it all. It literally adds nothing to the album and doesn't even musically lead into sub zero.
  8. The music is good but this mix is fucking terrible. This sounds like a mid 2000s budget post hardcore mix. I actually just went back and skimmed through their catalogue and all of their releases have really weak production besides their first album when they were easycore. Such a shame, this band is definitely talented and writes catchy songs but I just don't see how you can be in a band for almost 10 years and just consistently put out mediocre sounding albums like this. Just compare this mix to the one on the new carousel kings single and it's night and day.
  9. Melancholy Oxidaze and Pretty Stupid are absolutely insane. If alpha wolf tops this I will be very impressed. Aidan is able to perfectly sync his voice to the rhythm of the music, and those soft clean singing sections are really unique. I'm so glad this band exists
  10. Such a good album, Anthony Green is overrated as fuck, Cove runs circles around him any day of the week.
  11. I mean didn't alpha wolf kick out Aidan after the sexual assault allegations? There was never any proof that I could find to my knowledge so it seemed like they kicked him out because they were afraid their band's reputation would be ruined
  12. Really? People actually like this?? Are we listening to the same song??? This track is fucking God awful, bow down was way better than this. This sounds so out of place the rapping does not suit them at all sylar pulls it off way better, really hope that this is just like a one off single and doesn't sound like anything else on the album.
  13. Wow does anyone remember the woe is me/issues feud back in 2012? This is literally like the same thing lmao alpha wolf vs dealer, 6 song ep's coming out on the same day with similar album artwork (all song titles listed on the front of the album) I'm hyped as fuck though I love both bands so much.
  14. Wow, end as ashes is probably the best song I've ever heard in this genre, "ambient metalcore" or whatever you want to call it. Seriously perfection from start to finish
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