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  1. Lol didn't exotype act like children and complain that rise never cared about them and shit, I'm surprised the members got another label deal after all that drama
  2. Wow, the rope is so fucking incredible, yeah I have no idea why they didn't include the rope on the place i feel safest if they recorded it way before that album anyway it would be such a perfect fit for that record, but at least we get to hear it now. I love the whole ep but the rope is by far the standout track, I knew it was gonna be a banger after the first 3 seconds just like night terrors when I heard it for the first time, I was like oh shit this sounds like it's gonna be night terrors 2.0 right away lol
  3. This is the best band out there right now, I've probably listened to alpha wolf more than any other band in 2018. I'll find out in a couple days when Spotify wrapped comes out haha
  4. I love that sworn in shirt so much haha
  5. Yeah this is fantastic, probably one of my favorite songs of the year already. This band does not fuck up ever it's insane
  6. I'm such a sucker for this type of post hardcore, so basic but so fucking catchy. Also yeah I'm glad the clean vocalist is back making music, whether I was the shit
  7. Dude, I don't think Memphis has EVER had real drums on their album, most metalcore bands don't. They recorded three albums with Cameron mizzel and he is the king of drum samples lol
  8. Yeah this is good as fuck, the vocalist really sounds like Frankie at parts too, jenova is fucking ridiculous
  9. This is fire, reminds me of too close to touch
  10. I like the artwork but their band logo looks so insanely out of place. This is ok but I kinda miss this band's old sound, they used to called Zephyr for those that didn't know and they had a big focus on these really dreamy sounding synths, and they seem to have dropped that entirely now. I mean they still have that atmospheric sound to them but the synths sound entirely different. I hope that the album is diverse and has some tracks that sound like their older material
  11. I still don't think they're gonna be able to top brought here to suffer, that song is fucking amazing
  12. the cleans really remind me of kc from outline in color at points
  13. a lonely place of dying is my favorite song, so fucking heavy and catchy also I'm not hating but I think it's funny that their drummer is a girl that looks like she is 12 lmao, just not the type of person you normally expect to see with this type of music. She goes hard though
  14. dude this is straight fire, that chorus is catchy as fuck. This should have been the first single. The mix is good enough, I don't really have any problems with it
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