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  1. This is really boring, I seriously don't see how everyone likes this so much compared to their older material. Jake is one of the best screamers in the game, but his new vocal style is so fucking stupid. I saw them live in 2018 like a whole year after Ark came out and he still sounded great doing their older songs, so I know he can still do it if he wants. I will say that the production/mixing sounds amazing though, but musically these last 3 singles have been terrible for me. I didn't like Ark that much but it was still miles better than this album so far.
  2. This is so dirty, this sounds like it could be on Via
  3. Yeah I love in hearts wake but this just isn't good. They probably wanted to try out nu metalcore since bands like alpha wolf and dealer and a bunch of others are getting huge amounts of hype off of it, but I just can't get behind this. Hopefully this album flops and they go back to their older sound next album.
  4. Holy fucking shit, I love this band so much. So excited for this album. Brian is such an incredible vocalist, his vocal cadences and range are absolutely incredible, and nobody else sounds like him. If they came out with this music like 10 years ago when metalcore/deathcore were almost mainstream and got way more recognition, I could easily see him getting as much attention as someone like Mitch Lucker or Austin Carlisle if he played his cards right. I'd say right now in terms of "clout" Ryan from Fit For A King is the most popular/liked modern metalcore vocalist, I've seen Brian do a decent amount of guest features, so hopefully after this album he gets even more popular and does as many features as Ryan does.
  5. Yeah this is just absolutely terrible and awful. They haven't put out a memorable song in the past 7 years. Anyone who's defending this never truly loved the signature ADTR song, or fails to understand just how revolutionary and important they were in popularizing a genre of music. It's so fucking sad to see them go from being genre leaders to just trying to sound like everyone else.
  6. I really enjoy this, I loved their first album, but their second album didn't really click with me other than indigo, but this album sounds really great after one listen. Love the new vocalist
  7. Yeah this album art is absolutely terrible, not even gonna listen to the song because of it
  8. For real though bro, I really like the lyrics to samara. I like this band's lyrics, but the music just doesn't vibe with me that hard man. I really like the lyrics to samsara though.
  9. This is fucking phenomenal, currents writes better Emmure riffs than Emmure does lmao
  10. This band has always been overrated as fuck, and this album is no different. I really don't get the hype behind this, the vocalist is terrible, the mix is AWFUL, and the songwriting is forgettable as fuck. Like I get that the guitar is tuned extremely fucking low and the mix is supposed to sound muddy, but it just sounds bad. Glass cloud's EP is a way better example of how a super low tuned guitar mix should sound
  11. Being different just for the sake of being different is extremely stupid from an artistic standpoint. What's wrong with wanting to play cookie cutter metalcore/post hardcore? It's catchy and fun to listen to, and there's already plenty of bands with more experimental styles that you could listen to.
  12. Screaming is such an incredible song, I could listen to that song on repeat all day. I like this new deftones core thing that's becoming popular, varials did it too on their new album and romance is a really good song also. I don't even really like deftones lol, but to me that style is really good when mixed with metalcore guitar tones.
  13. That outro breakdown is so fucking nasty holy shit, sounds like something off of an old school emmure record. I really hope they go back to the older style of songwriting like they had on messengers, instead of that "here's a random 1:30 experimental interlude that completely ruins the flow of the song" they are so much better when they stick to more formulaic song writing.
  14. I'm sorry but all of you shitting on this saying it doesn't sound like silverstein are legitimately brain damaged. This literally sounds like it could be on a deluxe re issue of dead reflection as a bonus track. I went into this song with extremely low expectations because of the comments, but it honestly blew me away. This is easily in my top 10 favorite silverstein songs after just one listen.
  15. I love this, this is probably one of the best beatdown albums ever released. Most bands fuck this style up and their music is really boring, but all of these songs are super well written. Most albums like this I only enjoy 1 or 2 songs but I like every song on this album, even the interlude track.
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