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  1. I really like this album, and don't mind that it's not heavy at all. I'm just disappointed that they used tapping out as the first single, it made me think there would be more screaming. The breakdown in that song absolutely slaps, so nasty. I wish that they had maybe one or two songs that were heavy as fuck, I mean honestly that breakdown in tapping out is probably the heaviest piece of music they've ever put out anyway, Michael's screaming style fit way better in woe is me.
  2. I'm at work so I can't listen, how much heavy material is on this? Can't wait to listen regardless
  3. This is so good, not a single bad track on the album. The vocals compliment the riffs perfectly, so fucking catchy. I want this band to tour the states so bad
  4. This sounds like the material they wanted to write all along, i love the afterimage but their full length is super boring, I don't even listen to it anymore. I feel like they just put it out to make the fans happy
  5. Fuck, shit and bitch all in the same song? Lmao they're really taking advantage of not being a Christian band anymore LOL
  6. The mix on the original really isn't that bad, anything Kris Crummet touches is straight fire. It would have made more sense to re record their first record (royal ocean) because that album sounds super dated.
  7. Really weird that they re did this album, I thought it sounded fine lol, and I'm super anal about music production
  8. Lol, this album isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Hurt is actually a really good song, but this band should just sell out. I've always thought their heavy parts are nothing special, but their clean singer is great. That breakdown on the line is fucking terrible, whose idea was it to put that stupid pop music sounding effect over the breakdown? It does not fit at all
  9. I know they did it awhile ago, but why did they even change their name to capture? So dumb, capture the crown was a good name
  10. I listened to this album all the way through and I was honestly really hyped for this album, but it's fucking terrible. Like 4/10, such a shame, the clean vocalist is so talented. I miss Nevada Rose lol. These songs are just boring, the only one worth listening to is the first song.
  11. I can't listen to this type of deathcore normally, but I know this shit would kill live. Give me some beer and book this band near me and I'm there
  12. Easily the best song they've released in years. Like wow, I was not expecting anything like this and it completely blew me away.
  13. I can hear the potential, and their older material is great, but this song ain't it chief.
  14. I literally hate nu metal and industrial sounding music normally, and think northlane's last two albums are fucking God awful, but this album is absolutely incredible. People pretending this isn't one of the top 10 metalcore albums of the year so far don't have good taste or are just trying to sound hip and edgy. So much variety, and some of the heavy parts sound like they could have been on discoveries or singularity if they were mixed differently.
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