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  1. I wonder what Telle Smith would think? lol
  2. Yeah, I think they set the bar to high with The Great Cold Distance, for my that's my favorite album, also that album as aged like a wine. For me this album is a 7/10, Heart set to Divide, The Winter of our Passing, Vanishers, Flicker (probably the best song of the album and reminds me to much to The contortionist) and Untrodden are me favs.
  3. You can feel the calm eerieness voice of Aleah in this song, definitely pre-ordering this album.
  4. Finally, my most anticipated album of the year.... hoping it is AOTY.... turns out, it is not going to be for me, after 2 whole listens i don´t know what to think of it still, definitely not mindblowing and a little bit disappointed, especially 'cause they're my fav band of all time, idk, probably will be a slow burn for me.
  5. Does anyone know where @codeorangelives, I want to jerk him off.... Thanks for this 2nd best metalcore album of the year. Amazing stuff these guys pulled off, singer grew on me.
  6. Spiritbox and Loathe proving to be the most unique bands in metalcore right now.
  7. Finally listen to this whole shit.... i became more redneck than I already am.
  8. Violent than my city!!! i was hoping for more clean vocals, can´t complain about the heaviness though, that shit is raw as fuck
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