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  1. Hopefully they ditch the deathcore facade and turn into something else.
  2. Me being a such Architects super fan wouldn't put Holy Hell as AOTY, for me it was either the Rivers of Nihil or Stellar Circuits albums.
  3. Meh, Change of loyalty was better than this band.
  4. @drownwithmatt you deserve your cock to be suck mate lol, thanks!
  5. The album art and their name is too small, make it bigger please!
  6. This band was amazing, not digging their new stuff.
  7. This Album and Holy Hell are going to make my weeks or probably my whole month.
  8. Rarities and B-Sides my ass, i already have all these songs!
  9. After 20 listens, i'm keeping my expectations low on the new album, the song is cool, but they are starting to get a little bit repetitive, hopefully there's more variety and not LF//LT or AOGHA 2.
  10. I have the same feeling with Dance Gavin Dance, they're terrible.
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