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  1. This must be fake. The original cover is of their late bassist, and this looks nothing like him. Furthermore, would they really choose an adaption of a photo of a dead guy and do that to it?
  2. I agree completely. Comparing this to new blink, just wtf is new blink? I played Nine instantly after this and Nine sounds like a crappy copy of this sound. Mark's singing is just so processed now. Travis should hang up blink, let it die and form something permanent with MGK. Blink is dead. Nothing has been good since neighbourhoods, and even that was flawed. Not to mention, I doubt blink's new sound is pulling in many people because it tries to do this kind of sound but falls flat.
  3. He's missing the point - this is helping transition the genre back into the limelight. We should back and support this as much as possible so more formerly emo styled rappers go into the world of guitar music.
  4. matthi probably wrote the lyrics for the guilt trip song, or at least that part
  5. Finally! Thank you!! Going to smash this one out in the gym later
  6. Yes it was, nothing special and Ben's new singing style is weird. This is much better and less childish and not chipmunk like.
  7. Agreed, it makes the new ND album seem very medicore. That song with Halsey tho....
  8. That's all pop punk is source: thats how we write our music in my band
  9. HERE I GO! THANK YOU SO MUCH. Edit: this is way more pop punk than I expected, and I love it. This is full of bangers. Best songs: Bloody Valentine, Aliens, Forget me too (holy shit), WW3 (straight from Dude Ranch)
  10. It's average because the genre hasn't changed in ten years. Give it another five years and metalcore like this legitimately will be "dad rock". The genre needs to innovate or be as relevant as 90s metal bands. Over the past five years I've gone off metalcore and nothing has managed to pull me back in. Usually I listen to pop punk and hardcore these days. Dayseeker are probably the only metalcore band I actively think are great but even their last album bores me now. I have to respect these guys for still producing music like this though, must get quite boring playing the same stuff.
  11. Strong agree. I've heard it a few times now and while it's musically good, it isn't musically memorable. The songs blend together and it only really acquires any form of memorability on the final three songs. How they managed to produce an album that is almost entirely forgettable is insane.
  12. This is like an even less diverse version of Feel Something. My ears didn't perk up until the final three songs. They've gone ultra shoegaze and as a result their songs fuse together. Maybe I need more listens but not much was memorable from this.
  13. Easily the best one yet, by quite a margin. The first was the worst, then skin to skin with this in first place.
  14. This is killer as fuck. Love the more beatdowny side of Hatebreed.
  15. This guy abuses the autotune HARD. Most of this is unlistenable shit but Gooba is pretty cool. The lyrics are god awful though. 1/10
  16. Wow, this band are on a huge roll. Genuinely more interested in this band now than I ever have been. This sound is killer.
  17. I hope you're right - which TWY member is in this?
  18. Great artwork but it's kinda meh. I wish they'd have gone down the route of dead weight rather than this style. Kinda like an American WSS, and they could've softened that style up to have aspects of this style.
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