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Everything posted by Cam979

  1. that guitar tone at the start of two steps is fucking disgusting how do they do that A good record but nothing outstanding. Although i will say it's probably one of their best records. Certainly better than YCSM. This is Eddie showing us what he can do. I hope they do something different next album. Build upon the better side of the teehee album. If they keep this kinda sound they'll die a quiet death because deathcore is pretty much irrelevant these days
  2. Bro, she is like 18. Calm the f down. This is really fucking good. Probably one of the best, it gives me The World is Not Enough vibes I hope this reflects the movie and we get some OHMSS shit.
  3. This band is just fucking great. The staple hardcore band. That solo is new for them but sounds fucking killer.
  4. This is incredible. wow. Ronnie's voice... The Day I Left the Womb is my favourite acoustic song of all time and this had vibes of that. This songs just gets better and better like fucking hell, how is this real.
  5. WHAT A LEAK DAY, so so many thanks for this
  6. MacBook procore? is it not girlfriend beatdowncore?
  7. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA they finally went in this direction. Catfish and the bottlemen? The 1975? This is actually decent, it's just hilarious that it's AA.
  9. Also the rhythm guitarist uses a squier contemporary HH telecaster Think he has EMGs loaded into it.
  10. If this is a repeat of their last record I'm done with this band - absolutely boring nonsense aside from a handful of songs.
  11. These guys are shit lords, they released that weird industrial song first so people would talk about it. this is more like it. Good shit.
  12. Ugh these singles are so uninspired. Whats happened to this band? Only listening because of Telle, the instrumentals have zero replay value which i never thought i'd say about TWA
  13. i feel like a happy cartoon rn Edit: Fuck me, Screaming could straight up be a silent hill title track with that riff I'm halfway through and fucking loving this. A lot of interludes and I've mostly heard the singles so far, but I like the vibe of this Is it only you is something else.. very GORE era deftones. That chorus could knock someone out with how much emotional power is in the riff. With this album ive not been excited for the heavy stuff, but the stuff like the above two songs. Will post later with my full verdict best songs: screaming is it really you a sad cartoon
  15. Thanks for this, cant wait to listen Edit: Listened. This album is actually listenable again. Once EWS came out the mix was so good that the original mix for this album sounded like dirt in comparison - it ruined the beauty of this work. Thank they've remastered this piece of art.
  16. Wow great stuff but the electronic reliance is such a waste of talent - they sound like every other ex metalcore band now. All of them are A+ musicians. If it was not Telle singing I'd skip over this immediately and not even give it the time of day. That scream should be removed, bridge is nice.
  17. Where is their pedo lead singer on his fake account defending this crap? Album art is terrible ✅ Song is terrible ✅ Michael Sawyer / Mikey Sawyer is terrible ✅
  18. Surprised they released another melodic/soft one. Good shit though. Rather Deftonesy
  19. hAHAHHAHA when did this band become pop djent? Great stuff.
  20. Wowwwww, enjoy. You won't experience anything like SH2 ever again. I love the battle with the two PHs, that shit had me on edge.
  21. Damn. SH2 still stands out to me as one of the best games of all time. The reprise piano song that plays when that girl is burning is fucked.
  22. I can't see anything about this on here so I'm gonna mention it. The entire video it seems Jami is not the drummer and there is one mic set up in the whole song. Plus, at 4:20 it does not look like Jami behind the kit, almost as if this is the band's way of announcing the change as they opened the door to some fake Jami? Has Jami become the frontman? It seems like this video is littered with hints about this? Like Jami glitching during the chorus. Plus, I'm pretty sure the 'burned guy' they seemingly leave behind is wearing the same clothes as Jami. He certainly glitches like Jami.
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