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  1. Pushing albums back is cowardly, the right thing to do is to release them on time to appease fans in quarantine
  2. WOW amazing. Not as good as the opener to the Mindsweep or AFFOC but sick nonetheless. I really like how they're expanding their DNB influence. This album sounds like it'll pick up from the Mindsweep's sound. Let's just forget The Spark even happened.
  3. top band in uKHC right now Americans need to spread this shit
  4. Christ, this is killer. Like above, the only song i liked on the EP was Necessary death, the rest was kinda boring. This is like ND.
  5. System of a Down SUCK. Agreed. I saw her live for free in an unprecedented circumstance and she fucking slayed.
  6. If you put the EPs side by side they match (D and E). Could this be a 5 part single album spelling Death? I reckon they have a whole album theyre releasing as singles but when they release the final part they will release the full thing as an album - experimenting with a release structure.
  7. Agreed. The breakdown glitching is an artistic oddity. No idea why they would throw it in other than to make you focus on things beside the breakdown.
  8. That intro is.... disturbing. War of the World vibes. Update: So i listened to it. I cannot decide if i love it or hate it - i think i love it but i need more listens. This experimentation is truly magnificent with how well it works... Jesus christ. This is art, not an album, art. I have never heard anything like this before.
  9. Super meh song. That chorus is borderline cringe as it sounds like 'down with the kids'. Pressure Cracks and Letlive crush 333. 333 is just a beta RATM. Social justicecore sucks.
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