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  1. Glad this is out but it'll have to be godly to beat Balancing Survival and Happiness.
  2. YESSS I cannot wait for the full EP - this rules
  3. Aggressive as HELL. I love these guys.
  4. I'm itching for new slaves
  5. Hmmmm this is really quirky and kinda cool, but as a shikari record I feel its their most consistent record, which for them is a bad thing. 7/10 good maybe, I'll listen some more Their best work is either AFFOC or TM. This is probably their worst.
  6. This is incredible. Buy this if you can afford! Emarosa are probably one of the best live bands I've ever seen as well, all the instruments sound phenomenal and Bradley's voice is 1:1 with the records. 100% recommend Best songs on this EP: Miracle and Blue, but every song is amazing.
  7. I really like the name of this record. I've now listened to it, in relation to Thieves. ... That shit is NASTY. I love a Memory Misread too
  8. This is really cool, his voice sounds different too. I feel it's raspier.
  9. This is cool. As mentioned above, the original's chorus was awful and came from nowhere due to very poor flow. It's nice OLN fixed that.
  10. the beasts are back. This is some EP-grade shit! I hope they'll release that really heavy ep they teased before the band split! They said it would be like their first EP, but then i read the next LP is about the pain of having nothing to do with yourself lol (tylers words)
  11. WTF??? That music... also taking sips of fireball is cool now??
  12. All I want now is an interlude-only setlist
  13. Wow, Glow was a barnstormer! Still doesn't match this, but still great: I enjoyed this album very much, very good work BAAO! Last time I saw them I was working behind the bar and got a load of tips because I was singing along and people were impressed #funfact
  14. It's called a joke. New Hundredth slays, you just can't listen to it once otherwise you won't get the depth of the album. Each song, when played front to back, doesn't pop as much as other albums have done before, but it's a stellar album.
  15. I'm still trying to figure out whether or not Hundredth released an album or a 30 minute single