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  1. Great shit. This album is shaping up to be a fucking naughty one with how these beatdowns are creeping in. WALK AWAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOURE FUCKING DEAD TO ME What kinda rigs these guys running to get their guitar tone?
  2. Having listened to it, this is an AOTY contender and exactly where I wanted them to go after TB. Isn't it Strange is very very very unique, this song is dark atmospheric and ties metalcore into more dark electronic music. Possible the best metalcore song released all year
  3. I had to stop listening after Drew's vocals. Christ.
  4. Better than I expected but kinda boring. It needs more energy (like Peach Club by Emarosa). They should've made the entire album like Flexin and less of the slow ballady, boring RNB stuff.
  5. No chance. Great song but it is deffo one of the weaker ones.
  6. You just made my day. GOD DAMN FROM THE INTRO THIS ALBUM IS GONNA FUCK ME fuck ME 40 SECONDS IN BOOMSLANG - the end goes even harder yesssss. Lower Level god fucking damn. I cannot wait to lift to this album. Every song is a bloody banger. This is their second best album (behind Balancing Survival) High hopes has a sick breakdown lines MOST OF YOU WILL DIE FULL OF HOLES. This smashes A DIFFERENT SHADE OF BLUE out of the park, it is the best heavy record this year.
  7. After few listens this is easily a top album from them. In order of greatness I would argue their album hierarchy is: 1) ORIGIN 2) DISWIR or ST 3) DISWIR or ST 4) WIMTBD WIMTBD has my favourite songs in it (the title track and the closer) but in terms of consistency it doesn't hold tight. in terms of consistency this album. Is great aside from that acoustic track - it sticks out a little too much.
  8. Incredible. Best track? Gotta say its Starving to be Empty. That chorus is holy.
  9. Bruno Mars? Michael Jackson? New Emarosa? A million others.
  10. HAHAHAHHA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS *Looks at comments* Homocore? This is great. Reminds me of new Emarosa. Also feels like a gaybar song. I will say though.. those hating, are you from the "IF THERE AINT SCREEMZ IT AINT MUSIC" clan? This is straight up fun radio shit and reminds me of Uptown Funk which was huge. This should be played in clubs.
  11. This is fucking great and just makes me want to roast 'Good Night Alt Right" even harder. WTF was that about?
  12. CP are good but they have too much random technical nonsense that makes all their songs sound the same. Their lead guitarist is basically a 'look at me' kind of guitarist who writes stuff just because its difficult to play and without any sense of what makes a riff good. 5/10.
  13. This is almost as good as the Guilty Dog. Great stuff. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A MAN
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