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  1. Musically this is an excellent song in how all the different dynamics fit so well together. Making a song that is this soft but also this heavy is no easy feat. It is especially nice soft too, and especially nice heavy. i don’t like deathcore vocals anymore but this is definitely something I can appreciate for the talent behind it.
  2. cannot wait for their new album with original songs
  3. Best of the 3 but still average lmao. Sounds like a YAW B-side, it does the job a little but it feels like a filler to hold off something more special. Damn. This band are great and this album will make them more mainstream but where is the ENERGY they used to have? this album will be like if WSS were black currant cordial and someone added too much water so the juice is weak / easily transparent.
  4. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Track 3 is the full song I think which tells me it will be the next single. Xo is a massively Bruno Mars song.. lyrically, vocally, musically... it sounds amazing. God this album is gonna slay. I am so happy this band made this change, it's so fresh, fun and catchy. I love all Emarosa but this is just golden. Hell of It is most like the first single they released if you guys liked that. iw2dwy sounds different too. It mixes a sad tone with upbeat music, as in a macabre tone. I look forward to hearing it in full.
  5. This is wonderful and I didnt expect to enjoy it. 8.5/10. Much better than TTS, even one of their best albums I'd say
  6. Will listen later but surely this isn’t better than LPMOACWG
  7. because of the tune this uses/plagiarised this is gonna be all radios play for the next year - its catchy Don't get me wrong she's great but she's blown up since Manchester and her music is sometimes overplayed. I agree with the above comments that she goes from cute to trashy quickly in this song.. that almost trap beat where she does the fast female rapper styled vocals is trash and reminds me of Cardi B or Minaj who are both human filth.
  8. Slurring of singing? He isn't slurring? I think thats just the bad quality you're hearing. I think the quality makes him sound slightly lispy.
  9. this guy threw his music career down the drain with this nonsense. If he wasn't such an ass and people liked him he could be in a huge post hardcore band, instead he has this badXchoice junk. Nothing about this stands out
  10. still as bad as it was when it released
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