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  1. Are you kidding me? Bradley is incredible live... I love Brad & Jonny but what you’re saying is completely wrong. Also, as good as new slaves is, this is more progressive. Slaves still have that generic post hardcore sound - at least this is something fresh for bands that used to be PHC. What other ex-PHC bands sound like this? On the other hand, a shit tonne of bands sound like Slaves. Without Jonny Slaves would be going nowhere special.
  2. This is exactly what I wanted, fuck yes. this really lets him show his vocal ability and who his true influences are. i love this.
  3. That shit made me lose it, what a travesty. This entire album is astonishingly bad. It’s such a shame a band that wrote songs like The Abandoned / The Redeemed is now writing B-grade radio rock with “we run this town” gang vocals. And it’s really ironic because they preach about not becoming stale and dull in these songs but that’s exactly what they’ve become. They sing about not stopping as if they actually have grounds to argue that but this album is so lacking in talent it’s just comical. Also to prove “it’s not just teh screemz”, look at Bring Me. I hate that band and have never liked them, but that new song, wonderful life, it has a banging riff so I enjoyed it a lot. This album on the other hand has zero memorable riffs. ZERO. He doesn’t even sing how he used to which was with passion and conviction. Play Alive in the Lights and listen to how he sings then play anything on this album - it’s lacking the extra drive he used to put in. This album is boring. Flat out boring. Although i I enjoyed the riffs in unconditional, the moment they became xGODCOREx was a sign of the end - totally out of touch with the majority of their fan base. after this album they ought to change their name to Memphis May Retire.
  4. nothing was heavier than unconditional, heaviest record in human history. I think its Matty screaming about his love for Jesus and the breakdowns which make it stand out
  5. I don't listen to MMF and haven't done since Unconditional, but I'll give this a pop since they were my favourite band at one stage and Matty is pretty sound in person. Watch Out is hilarious and cringe. They say they aren't backing down and are here to change the game but this album is the epitome of "ex post hardcore band gone generic radio rock". As everyone else said, it is just flat and uninspired. This band have so much more power, its as if they just lost the spark and its gonna be this for the rest of their career. Mark My Words is lyrically fucking cringe too. Even the riffs don't hook me what the hell has happened? Live Another Day is terrible too. Its lyrics are cringe and it sounds like its trying to be a rock song, a pop song and a soft atmospheric song at the same time. The chorus is tragic for MMF to have produced, I'd be embarrassed releasing this album and putting my name on it. Max I'd give this album is a 5/10. Music is about passion and emotion - this album just feels so clinical and dry. It has none of that. Sell my Soul / You and Me were probably the highlight and even those are mediocre as hell. Sell my soul was catchy and You and Me actually felt somewhat heartfelt (the only instance on this record). It honestly sucks that this band went from The Hollow / Challenger / Sleepwalking to god core with unconditional, generic post hardcore with the album after that and dull radio rock with this album. I feel after Unconditional Matty flatlined and the issues he writes about just don't let him put passionate about the music. I hate to say it, but it seems the guy is just too happy in life to be able to produce meaningful music anymore. He obviously was able to put passion in his music at one stage, but that faded once he became content and now his music is just there to pay the bills and he enjoys singing. Hopefully this band break from Rise and do something great, or split completely. They've been on A TWO ALBUM SLUMP NOW. Bring back the Southern riffs and heaviness with an EP, and if that doesn't work out split. To move forward this band have to look back as this new style is clearly just substanceless. None of the lyrics on this album felt as if they had feeling behind them, NONE. This was an album I had to force myself to get through, once I got to Heavy is the Weight I was wanting it to end. And thats BEFORE I GOT TO THAT GOD AAWFUL RAP PART. Why did they slap that in? It's so out of place, and who the hell will do that live? Matty? Dear god. SAD for a band who used to be so good. i'M GONNA SAY THE SAME as everyone else, this feels like a b-side album and there is no variety. In fact I'd downgrade my initial score of 5/10 to a 4.5/10. Nothing in this album is worth a re listen, nothing. It all sounds exactly the same, glued together with generic riffs, uninspired riffs and dry empty lyrics and drab, boring singing. I wish I didnt hear it because it really is that bad. its a shame they have become this. Honestly I'm glad the word alive are still alright because all of the PHC bands from this era have turned to shit. At least TWA have lyrics that feel genuine and emotive and Tells sings from the heart.
  6. Listened to this more than ten times. In that time I have revisited Daybreaker, Lost Forever Lost Together and All Our Gods Abandoned Us. This album, compared to these albums, is probably the worst out of the four. It is still bloody amazing, an 8/10, but it lacks the diversity of the last albums, the insane riffage and the bloody good hooks. This album has the least memorable hooks out of them all. Most people agree, that after their first listen, the album is great, but there isn't as much that stands out when compared to former albums. Also, Sam pitch sings too much, I wish he'd sing a little more (it makes songs like DD and HA stand out a lot more). Obviously, this album is bloody incredible given the circumstances, and I'm really glad they made it, but here is the hierarchy for me: 1) AOGHAU 2) LFLT 3) DB 4) HH This marks a new chapter from the band, so see it as a new start - hence why it hasn't topped their former three albums. Revised favourite song list: 1) DOOMSDAY 2) THE SEVENTH CIRCLE 3) MORTAL AFTER ALL 4) HEREAFTER 5) HOLY HELL 6) DEATH IS NOT DEFEAT 7) A WASTED HYMN 8) ROYAL BEGGARS 9) MODERN MISERY 10) DYING TO HEAL 11) DAMNATION I think what stands out the most is the absence of hooks that really hook you in as in previous records, also I'm butthurt they didnt top Nihilist as an opener but how would they do that? Also this album lacks riffage diversity - this is why Doomsday, Hereafter, TSS and Modern Misery stand out.
  7. Fuck yeh. I want more Pressure Cracks next. They played this live!
  8. Can’t wait to listen and post my thoughts later. Expectations: it won’t beat AOGHAU. If the intro song beats Nihilist I will become a cam guy. someone do a top 5 songs UPDATE: better than than I thought but still no AOGHAU. synthier than any other of their records, very melodic (singles are not representative of the album), and the breakdowns are chuggier. The lyrics are entirely about Tom, so it’s pretty emotionally charged. 8.5/10. Think I prefer Silent Planet for AOTY though. This album feels like a continuation of AOGHAU but it doesn’t quite hold a candle to it. top songs w/o singles: 1) The Seventh Circle 2) Death is Not Defeat (does not hold a candle to Nihilist) 3) Mortal Afterall 4) Dying To Heal 5) A Wasted Hymn (great but Memento Mori was so much better). top songs w singles: 1) Doomsday 2) The 7th Circle (I need this live) 3) Death is not Defeat 4) Hereafter 5) Dying To Heal or A Wasted Hymn (I haven’t decided). overall a great album without Tom, but Tom is the missing ingredient. sam’s vocals are next level, you can really hear him emotionally push himself in songs like DIND, AWH and TS. Singles weren’t really representative of the album. It’s a lot more consistently melodic throughout. Doomsday and Hereafter are the most stylistically Tom songs (I know Tom wrote DD so duh). Aside from that, you can tell they tried to mimic the style but the riffs are slightly different as is strong structure. They’ve done great but it’s important to point this out, shows how special Tom was to their sound. Glad they made this album though and it’s heart wrenching that Tom won’t be there for Wembley. After a few listens - deffo not AOTY but very good. As I said, it's like AOG P2. A very good record but AOG perfected this style and this time round it just isn't as powerful. But that was always going to happen - this album is trying to recreate the power of AOG and it is great but just no AOG. No songs on this album live up to: Nihilist Gone With the Wind A Match Made in Heaven Momento Mori
  9. I just really dislike the lyrics on Bad Listener - it's like something from aggressive.
  10. Why the hell was this not on the album? Get rid of Bad Listener, throw this in and this album would've been much better.
  11. it's a shame, pretty fitting the album is called 'Broken' with all this considered...
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