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  1. Hardcore? This is straight up punk rock / metal core. excellent album nonetheless. thanks guys I fucking love Greatness or Death. LOVE it. I think it may even be better than I Have a Problem. bad listener is the worst song. order of greatness: 1) Greatness 2) Afterall 3) Clever 4) Used & abused 5) Manipulation
  2. fist me in the ass this is brilliant but the quality makes me want to cut my dick off thank you though I appreciate it
  3. At least it isn’t as bad as Matty’s solo song “touch me” or whatever the shit it is. But this is pretty trashy.
  4. Greatness or Death is bloody amazing. It should've been the first single, I feel Caleb really got the single order wrong. He released all of the worst songs. Why would he do this? The most original stuff on this was withheld for the full album which hasn't done it any good. Fire is great. Reminds me of Beaten in Lips. Afterall. Great again. Enemy. Sounds a banger. WHY DID HE RELEASE ALL OF THE WORST SONGS? All the songs he released don't have as much passion. I feel the singles should've been 1) Greatness 2) Enemy or Used and ABUSED 3) Manipulation Thats a pretty diverse song selection. From the singles I thought this album would be 5/10, but it sounds at least 8/10. GLAD the lyrics have matured. I LOVE THE END of Clever too "I'm out of ways to answer im out of metaphors I finally got so sick there is no cure"
  5. This is absolutely Black Tongue. Dark, gloomy and filthy on the vocals. Stellar shit.
  6. You're stuck on the hype. the two new songs are fundamentally identical to every single song they've released since Daybreaker. Go back and listen to their older stuff, if you like this you'll like their old stuff the same.
  7. Best album this band have produced by a long shot. What a shoegazing banger.
  8. "tHeY SOlD ouT I wILl bOyCoTt ThEm FuCC ThIS bAnD"
  9. I think they probably released this in anticipation for, and to help fund a new album next year at some point. I know BAAO have cycles longer than 2 years, but WFMTC had loads of issues with the label hence why it was delayed so significantly. I'm sure the next album will be different in this regard.
  10. Yeh, and that's totally fine. I said that because their previous albums were different. I understand they wanted this album to flow really well, which it does, but it just gets a tad excessive when *every* song is followed by a 2 minute instrumental. I like them for their angst and grit but the interludes dilute that too much. But if you like them for different reasons cool. I'm happy they appeal to a range of tastes.
  11. Come on, this album had a couple of moments but it really wasn't diverse at all. And the fact that the Powers That Be was released in reverse was a ball ache. I like that they're exploring a more diverse sound with these bonus tracks. With the vanilla album, it's almost as if they threw in interludes just to tell a story with the song names, but really poorly. Not like, say, the Chariot who did it but with a full album of solid tracks. I will say that the vocals are a bit too autotuned on Know my Name though, it loses marks for that imo.\ Alone is fantastic too.
  12. Know my Name is amazing. I love how it's like pop with screams. This album was a bit disappointing because it was like an extended interlude. I hope they move on from this sound and follow a more fun sound for the next album. I'd agree that the deluxe songs are better than the album itself, this album was a bit of a snore fest.