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  1. The Plot In You - NOT JUST BREATHING (Single) (2017)

    Decent song with a more delictae beauty compared to the last album. I feel Landon exorcised his demons on HISD, so we probs wont be hearing anything as emotionally bitter/raw or angry as that from him again. That album was a masterpiece
  2. Downswing - Dark Side of The Mind [EP] (2017)

    THats a man screaming?
  3. this is such a dead meme...
  4. Attila - Three 6 (Single) (2017)

    This better than the last album
  5. Best song is the last one with the other vocalist, he screams better than Garret imo. Gotta admit I was more hyped about seeing this and then I heard it. Good stuff but covers are meh to do, also why Coldplay and why that song haha
  6. Decent cover but the original has more character.
  7. Stick to Your Guns - True View (2017)

    Best track: Doomed by You I love the lyrics of this album and it's a nice change however I wish it had a few more heavy parts. Aside from that it might be one of their best albums, I'll have to listen some more.
  8. Stick to Your Guns - True View (2017)

    I'm getting no audio
  9. Kublai Khan - Nomad (2017)

    Glad this is out but it'll have to be godly to beat Balancing Survival and Happiness.
  10. YESSS I cannot wait for the full EP - this rules
  11. Nasty - Realigion (+ Instrumentals) (2017)

    Aggressive as HELL. I love these guys.
  12. I'm itching for new slaves
  13. Enter Shikari - The Spark (2017)

    Hmmmm this is really quirky and kinda cool, but as a shikari record I feel its their most consistent record, which for them is a bad thing. 7/10 good maybe, I'll listen some more Their best work is either AFFOC or TM. This is probably their worst.
  14. Emarosa - 131 Reimagined EP (2017)

    This is incredible. Buy this if you can afford! Emarosa are probably one of the best live bands I've ever seen as well, all the instruments sound phenomenal and Bradley's voice is 1:1 with the records. 100% recommend Best songs on this EP: Miracle and Blue, but every song is amazing.
  15. Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore (2017)

    I really like the name of this record. I've now listened to it, in relation to Thieves. ... That shit is NASTY. I love a Memory Misread too