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  1. Nice this shit hits as hard as Mercy by Code Orange new workout song confirmed
  2. Telle has really stepped his vocals up, I like this a lot. With this song his voice doesn't sound slightly different like in the release of Red Clouds which probably had a placeholder master.
  3. Holy shit boys Loneliness is straight fire. Why this didn't make the vanilla album is beyond me.
  4. This artwork is almost exactly the same style as Xibalba
  5. THAT CHORUS and the drumming is incredible. Tillian's voice is raspier too which is nice
  6. Not a great month. UO and TWY made up for the lacklustre releases.
  7. Having played this more it's grown on me. Best songs: ihateit, I Gave Up, In Motion. And I really like these songs. Ihateit builds up really nicely and has a fantastic chorus, back end of the album is definitely the better bit (post-Ihateit). A couple of the songs are exceptionally forgettable but I enjoy the catchy choruses and the artwork. For example, On My Teeth has an exceptionally bad chorus and Rapture doesn't flow as it should and feels like too many influences have been hammed together. 7/10. Could be more diverse and there is a sense of mediocrity because it is generic and doesn't stand out. This has been done 1,000,000 times before by bands like this. I much prefer Ex Lives by Every Time I Die.
  8. I have no idea why they released a 16 song album, they aren't diverse enough for that.
  9. I've just properly sat down with this and listened front to back rather than in pieces as before, here are my thoughts: A) Opening this album with beautifully tragic was a dumb decision. It feels like it should be an album closer. B. TJ said the record label forced Let Me Be on the album, so it wasn't the decision of the band. C) Why is there an acoustic song slap bang in the middle of this record? When that country-esque song came on IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ALBUM I verbally said "what the fuck." The track order really does not do this album any favours. All the slow songs have been clustered at the front and the heavier / more energetic songs at the back. Did a fish track this record? I have a feeling the record label were too hands-on. C) This album is good, I feel because it's mainly pop though it its receiving a lot of hate. The problem is it has too many pop songs and the shocking track list makes it dull. It's by no means bad. I have reorganised the tracklist to make it more interesting which is as follows, give it a listen in this order: 1 - RIOT 2 RESISTANCE 3 I WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU 4 EMPIRE 5 RECIPE 6 DO YOU LOVE ME 7 BROKEN HEART 8 MASK 9 FOUR LETTER WORD 10 I AM HUMAN 11 DIGGING MY OWN GRAVE 12 DEAD TO ME 13 BLEED 14 BEAUTIFULLY TRAGIC 15 IF ONLY //Delete the song Let Me Be as it doesn't belong here. Overall 7/10. The album would be so much better if they didn't bloat it with all of the poppy stuff. This album did not need to be 16 songs, cut it down to 10 and reorganise the tracklist and people would have responded much more favourably. Cut out the songs in red and keep the ones in green, rest assured that you'll prefer this. I could still cut out at least two more songs I feel and it would make the album shorter and more enjoyable by providing a range of sounds but not overdoing them.
  10. 7/10 at a stretch. Pretty bland and dull, it's like a mediocre album from 2012 with newish production. Best song is "I Gave Up." If they combined the dark moodiness of that song for the next album and went for a Plot In You / Deftones dark sound it would be interesting. Good they changed their sound though otherwise the album would be a needle in a haystack. I have a feeling my prediction will ring true and this will be a "we want to che hahange our sound but we also need to play it safe to retain interest so we'll keep aspects of our old sound to regain the committed." "Good." I cant imagine they'll attract loads of new fans with this, just energise the diehards. After the "UO is back" hype wears off, these guys will be back to playing <500 cap basement venues with this record for headline shows.
  11. Second listen... It's no TGG but its a wholly different beast. I love this album and will be coming back for years. So much more mature and the quality of the riffs is huge.
  12. they need to make an album full of songs like digging my own grave to stay relevant after this