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  1. This band is really hit or miss. The EP was pretty cringeworthy/terrible and the first LP was mediocre at best. They do socialjusticecore worse than stray from the path. Being left wing isnt as cool and trendy as these guys think it is. Like theyre all about shouting and breaking shit but thats it... You can do political music well but these guys do not. For example - these guys are extremely anti-police. This is extremely childish and shortsighted as people do not understand the kind of BS cops have to face. Yes there are some who are twats, but hating on the police due to this is like saying all muslims are islamists or something equally as absurd - it should not be acceptable/so popular to hate the police the way this guy does. I disagree completely with the antipolice message they convey. It does nothing but worsen existing relations. Bring on new pressure cracks already.
  2. Absolutely terrible musician, what a joke this is.
  3. Stellar shit. IDK why Mabbitt stays with ETF, theyre shite now
  4. Better than the new ADTR and TWA LOL
  5. average as fuck. Sounds like something an 18 year old would write and the mastering sucks. I think he knew this wouldn't go anywhere hence the ridiculous gimmick with Caleb and Stick Stickly.
  6. This sounds like the shit Mitch wrote on The Black Crown
  7. Releasing an instrumental intro as the first single is some mouthbreather grade stuff. It also sucks.
  8. What are all of these EPs? are they building up to form an album? idgi.
  9. Nowhere near as good as single 1 but its decent. I'm betting this is the mid album slow burner based on its placement and they want variety in the singles.
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