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  1. That intro is crushing
  2. That was chlamydia of the ears to listen to. Autotune autotune autotune, why do amity do this, they COULD be decent!
  3. Used to be my favourite too. I loved their southern style and only found anything similar to it in ETID who are my favourite band and have been for about six years. MMF went downhill after BTL / the Hollow
  4. This is so boring, as bad as the live video made it out to be tbh. For real what in the hell is the point in playing low-end frets with a bass tone that chokes out the leads? As said above, this band COULD be amazing but they settle for the most drab, uninspired sound. This sounds like a B-side from that terrible Of Mice and Men album. I repeat what was said above, this band used to be incredible. They peaked at the Hollow and its just been downhill from there. I loved Challenger but it was ultimately more of the same, marking their downward spiral's initiation and leading us to where they are now: in the gutter. Fun fact: I met Matty in my town recently after work for the third time and he's a really chill guy.
  5. That intro riff is very sinister. Great stuff! Also the song with Brian and Isaac is really cool since they're both in it, however the mic quality of their lines is pretty wank.
  6. The past two weeks have been PHENOMENAL. This weekend has been absolutely killer for new music, it's just been hit after hit! New Plot, new Thy Art, new DGD, new Hundredth, new Sworn In, new Miss Fortune, new BAAO, new OLN, new 68 and the list goes on and on...
  7. They peaked with the Hollow and the record 'Challenger' was the last good thing they released. Everything since has just been bland, uninspired and lacked progress. Very dull indeed. The highpoint of the band was always Matty's vocals, but he himself hasn't got a fantastic range and the band's lack of sound progress has simply led to the advancement of their downfall. I don't really know what they're going for anymore, this band now has a short shelflife I'd say. This song has no substance whatsoever.
  8. this mix is all over the place, I can actually feel it change my body.. it's unnerving
  9. Pretty sick. Glad they're slightly differentiating their sound this time round. That artwork is phenomenal too.
  10. This is fantastic but I'll say it now, this album can never exceed Happiness in Self Destruction. That album made me feel like a drugs addict even though I am not.
  11. They gone and tee'hee'd us except they pulled it off flawlessly because this is incredible. Only critique is how samey it sounds as a record but I'd pin that on the mix, aside from that I really love the songs and the mix too is cool.
  12. Gotta hear that track with Alex Teyen! Guy's a beast.
  13. Holy shit man colour me ecstatic. Anyone else remember when they randomly tweeted DIS/WIR? Vultures is looking like it'll be the first single as they've played it live for a while now. It sounds phenomenal....
  14. This is incredible. What more can I say? Also I'd highly recommend you preorder because the album artwork is also a wall flag in one of the bundles which is pretty amazing. Edit: I actually haven't heard an album that has left me so in awe like this one has for a LONG time.
  15. this stuff is so cinematic and visually stimulating, incredible.