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  1. Finally some decent shit from this band. This is angrier than anything else they've done since Hate.
  2. this is their most radio friendly song, it should have been on the album.
  3. Stellar song but the Will yip quiet vocal mix ruins this, why did they let this colossal clown get his hands on this? he ruins everything he touches. the two singles are probably some of their best work yet, but I cannot understand the lyrics at all and will need a lyric book due to will bloody yip burying the vocals behind the instrumentals on a hardcore song.
  4. the picture is like they've stuck them in order of objective attractiveness and the further left you go the higher the attractiveness downgrade LOL why are they back
  5. cover is alright but the new song is great (reminds me of new code orange) and all my friends is killer - I still prefer the original AMF but the end of the new version hits hard
  6. They played this acoustic in London and oh my god it’s brilliant electric too.
  7. Sounds great and I get EP vibes off this 💯 is there no beatdown at the end of does it just cut off?
  8. What is this? Gimme details please
  9. Better than Crowbar by a mile, I cannot wait for this album. I'm expecting a really heavy song on this album too as they say it's full of surprises (like this anthem of a song)
  10. Wow, didn't know they do covers? Jokes aside this is good stuff.
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