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  1. Horrible album art, all look like kids in what theyre wearing yet these guys are older than me? lol.
  2. This is really getting silly, I just come to their shit to see the memes.
  3. WOw are we sure this wasn't released back in 2002 with that title and artwork? Wtf is blind
  4. This band were a product of an era. If they released their old stuff now it would be laughed at - that style of music isn't commercially feasible anymore.
  5. It's alright, nowhere near as good as the original though
  6. DESPITE the weird slipknot/korn esque song name this is killer
  7. You do realise genres aren’t an absolutely unbreakable law that cannot be defied in any sense? If they say they’re BDHC they are because they want attention drawn to their breakdowns/beatdowns to attract a certain crowd and appeal to fans of such music which will fit them into that scene and mean they’re playing with other beatdown bands rather than general hardcore bands. Certain fans change how a gig is, especially with beatdown and they clearly want to attract that crowd. Stop thinking you know better than the band hahaha.
  8. Jimblesack obviously knows better than what the band know, who would’ve guessed?
  9. Don’t genre Nazi this 😂 I’m a fan of this band and I know they’re BDHC and they even say they are. You are wrong, this is everything to do with BDHC. And all of those bands you listed - I could list several songs groovier / more melodic than anything by desolated. To quote their website for this record... 5 BRAND NEW TRACKS OF THE HARDEST UK BEATDOWN FROM THE WORLD'S MOST NOTORIOUS BACK FROM THE DEAD.“
  10. It pretty much is, it's beatdown hardcore.
  11. Agreed - they gave no clarity to the new album's story and there is a LOT of confusion over it. They even admitted it's their most complex story yet soooo whats the point in dodging questions?
  12. Sick, thanks for this. Edit: This entire thing is fucking nasty, I was shocked that they brought the lows from their deathcore days back in Still breathing. Gonna be blasting this in the gym for sure. These new songs are going to be disgusting live.
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