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  1. Always deAd had a barnstormer of a lead riff, that track would be hard to top by any standard. I love TWA - their new album has hugely grown on me. War evermore, I fucked up, stare at the sun and real life Are some of their best songs. However, I think I don’t mind is just simply bad because of how out of place it is in the album
  2. I love TSSF but this is all kinds of meh, they can’t release another album with this sound after this. Also why are the vox sounding auto tuned
  3. Honestly did anyone expect a song called ‘believe’ to be good?
  4. It’s a 7/10 song and I haven’t heard believe and won’t for a month. Song 1 sounds like a Disgusting B-side, it’s decent but was kinda meh. I loved disgusting and especially sick, but this has dampened my hype a little. I s2g if it’s a soft album I’ll be pissed. I’m pretending aggressive didn’t happen because aside from the riffs, it was bloody awful. its kinda boring. The chorus is good but it all awkwardly fits together. It’s weird. I found myself Checking how far I was into the song halfway through to find I had another minute and a half left before the inevitable breakdown. Tried and tested formula, very uninspired. update: i heard disease and believe. believe is pure shite, it’s like a Metalcore Bands attempt to go pop rock but it’s a huge shit tip - like what The Word Alive did with I Don’t Mind. Disease is alright, just alright. It would be a good filler song but that’s it - let’s hope these are just the soft songs on the album because they’re disappointing. The breakdowns are so generic and boring Jesus Christ! Honestly if the entire album is like this after Caleb’s hype I’m never supporting this band again. The breakdowns in disease don’t even fit the type of song it is and it just sounds awkward at best, as of Caleb has just thought of Attack Attack and thrown a shit breakdown in there for the shits and gigs - would be a better song without them. But then this is appealing to your kids who don’t like heavy stuff (if Aggressive was anything to go by). god damn in disappointed, if single 4 is bad I’m done man, I’m done.
  5. You're right. It's no different to their usual stuff, they've just not put a clean chorus in. It's no heavier than usual Northlane.
  6. very cool song, but I could imagine him singing the chorus too well
  7. Some acoustic demos also leaked in like 2014 of Chasing Dreams, Ghost and My Apologies
  8. Agreed, they cover so much their style is kinda dull now. Also Fronz was just slapped in there and he doesn't really fit.
  9. Wow, Fronz, Luke AND Tillian? Fronz repping Pizza in the video... This is good though, if I could cut anyone it would be Fronz as he felt out of place. Trev and Tillian work really well together though. Luke as always is stellar. I'd prefer this without the heavy parts.
  10. where did you hear that - I'm pretty sure this is the LP Mikey's been talking about for YEARS
  11. Only song with screams is Wedding Night but it also has some weird 80s synth thing going on and then some Woe Is Me Numbers synth
  12. Did Mikey actually say that? This entire album has that kind of sound to it though.