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  1. Wowwwww, enjoy. You won't experience anything like SH2 ever again. I love the battle with the two PHs, that shit had me on edge.
  2. Damn. SH2 still stands out to me as one of the best games of all time. The reprise piano song that plays when that girl is burning is fucked.
  3. I can't see anything about this on here so I'm gonna mention it. The entire video it seems Jami is not the drummer and there is one mic set up in the whole song. Plus, at 4:20 it does not look like Jami behind the kit, almost as if this is the band's way of announcing the change as they opened the door to some fake Jami? Has Jami become the frontman? It seems like this video is littered with hints about this? Like Jami glitching during the chorus. Plus, I'm pretty sure the 'burned guy' they seemingly leave behind is wearing the same clothes as Jami. He certainly glitches like Jami.
  4. Any evidence of the Akira Yamaoka influence? I mean I know they sound like it with the weird shit (especially the intro or the interlude from the new album where its just some voice saying 'i let it in and it took everything' that they have live) but do the band ever say this?
  5. THIS IS IT BOYS. I am glad they made a full deftones styled song holy shiiiiiiiit. Been waiting since they releases those two singles a while back and one had DT vibes. Love these guys.
  6. Telle sounds amazing Tracklist: 1 MONOMANIA 3:58 2 NO WAY OUT 3:35 3 SEARCHING FOR GLORY 3:36 4 ANOTHER YEAR IN THE SHADOWS 3:33 5 GREATEST ALMOST 3:52 6 THANK YOU 3:18 7 NUMB LOVE (MISERY II) 3:52 8 K.F. 4:15 9 BURNING YOUR WORLD DOWN 3:27 10 COMFORT & CHAOS 3:48 11 I'M SORRY YOU'RE SORRY NOW 3:18 12 DEATH IS ONLY THE END IF YOU ASSUME THE STORY IS ABOUT YOU Edit: Now that I've let it sink in and I've had some time to think, this is a good song. Not groundbreaking but enjoyable. Telle carries this song now because the instrumentals are kinda flat since they've taken on this AMO cover band style. The breakdown was not needed imo. 6/10 Really cool guys and I am excited for the album. These guys can produce some really great stuff and also some average stuff. Glad they're still around. Think I prefer burning your world down and it's important to say this is nowehre near as good of an opener as the openers on the last two LPs
  7. What the fuck, what the fuck is that artwork? I love it. Reba sounds killer. This is really fucking weird, I wasn't sold until the chorus. Last song as a single? Man this is so weird. So so weird. I like it, but its ultra weird. I haven't heard anything like this before. The whole album will probably sound like 2:34+ which put a smile on my face when I first heard it. Fucking filthy tone. Also good that the drummer can do lows now and doesnt sound like he has a mouth of full of dicks
  8. Solid shit, way better than the first EP and it has huge Chariot vibes
  9. Average song. Absolutely trash-grade human being. One listen is enough, I don't need to listen to this self-pitying loathsome PoS sing anymore. Even compared to his discography this song is nothing special. he peaked in Slaves and will die anything but a Beautiful Death if he continues his current course. The story with the last GF did it for me. Mark my words. Within the next two years he will relapse and do some more dumb shit. He's absolutely rotten to the core with addiction - over the past decade I've watched him lie, fib and make excuses about finishing the shit he takes, but he never does, and he brings people down with him in the process like his exes. The guy has a kid on the way with his new GF who he hoovered up rather fast. Like all of his relations this will end in tragedy and his kid will pay the price. I bet the kid was an accident too and the woman had no choice. However, I don't hold her very highly if she's willing to ignore the dozens of exes who have called him out, but no she thinks "I am different, I will change him". No. She will be played and ruin her life like the rest of them. I pity the poor kid when they discover daddy unconscious with a needle in his arm. For a while this guy was my favourite singer. This time you did let us down, and I won't just wait, time to write you off. You had something golden with Slaves and you will never reach that level again.
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