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  1. lol totally forgot these guys still exist
  2. This album was so good man
  3. 1) Loathe 10) Loathe 50) Loathe 100) Loathe 250) Loathe 500) Loathe 750) Loathe 1000) Loathe 6,900,000,000) Loathe
  4. This. I like the song but it's average and not what I'd expect from ND. However, I think this album will be a good summer vibe album which is probably what we all need in 2020. They're trying to make their music as listenable as possible so you can just listen to it whenever.
  5. that -IYIYIYIYIYIYIY part is cancerous, are we 14 and is this all time low? Tf are they doing?
  6. bahahahhaha god damn. who uploaded this? check out the original ram ranch if you havent YES PRINCE HARRY GONNA FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU
  7. its good but a bit boring tbh nothing massively attention catching in this
  8. God damn, this new single goes hard as fuck
  9. This guy's a proper cringey nonce who writes music for delinquents. Anyway, after what he did he probs has a price on his head now.
  10. Is this song 7. Trying Too Hard about the singer's latest battle for relevance?
  11. Nah I disagree - this song is much softer and Kon has never sang like this before. It's totally different. TTS is like stoner rock, this is more like post hardcore.
  12. Dunno why this didn't make the cut, brilliant song/ballad. Much better than one of the official bonus tracks. RIP Derek, FIR will never be the same.
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