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  1. I have 320kbps versions of Mirrors, Controller, and Absent Light if I could contribute.
  2. I've never upvoted anything so fast LOL
  3. As far as I know, they've been in D standard (DGCFAd) their entire career. With that said, they have been a band for almost 20 years now; if they changed tuning for a song or two I wouldn't put it past them. On a side note, the beginning of Brain Pain reminds me of the beginning of Subject Zero by Veil Of Maya.
  4. I can't say I listened to a lot of new music this year, but if there was ONE album that stood out, Counterparts - Nothing Left To Love is the one. Definitely my album of the year.
  5. Yeah, no more Capsize after those allegations. Twitter and Facebook both gone.
  6. if this is alt-rock/post grunge, then Superheaven is heavy metal. What is this nonsense? xD
  7. i mean this is cool, but i want Crooks UK back.
  8. Not to be confused with the hardcore band from Connecticut, USA with the same name.
  9. Is their Facebook page a meme? Because it looks like Free Throw's page is about a japanese DJ? haha
  10. Miss this band so much! They went on tour with The Story So Far a while back. So good live!
  11. The father was the WW2 veteran, so I don't think its either of the brothers
  12. So we had the prospectives of: The younger brother (Travels) The older brother (EDSN) The Father (Letters Home) The Priest (Abandoned) So this means that the next full length is...the mother?
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