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  1. Yeah, no more Capsize after those allegations. Twitter and Facebook both gone.
  2. if this is alt-rock/post grunge, then Superheaven is heavy metal. What is this nonsense? xD
  3. i mean this is cool, but i want Crooks UK back.
  4. Not to be confused with the hardcore band from Connecticut, USA with the same name.
  5. Is their Facebook page a meme? Because it looks like Free Throw's page is about a japanese DJ? haha
  6. Miss this band so much! They went on tour with The Story So Far a while back. So good live!
  7. The father was the WW2 veteran, so I don't think its either of the brothers
  8. So we had the prospectives of: The younger brother (Travels) The older brother (EDSN) The Father (Letters Home) The Priest (Abandoned) So this means that the next full length is...the mother?
  9. I was there for their final show December 2017. So good. Brought out the old lineup(s) to play different songs from different eras. All 3 screamers in the bands history were on stage for I Am The Wind, You Are the Feather. So good.
  10. Balance and Composure will be officially done after May 11th 2019. RIP.
  11. I wanted to see Erra or The Story So Far up there in the top 5, but I can't be mad at the new Architects record. It was good.
  12. This year was a weird year for me as far as music goes. I can't say anything really blew my mind, but a lot of good bands released great music. I think any record on here could be album of the year. This year I listened to ALOT of bands that released music last year. I had to go back and listen to a lot of music that came out this year to remind myself haha. If I had to do a ranking though, I guess it would go something like this: 1) Household - Everything That A River Should Be 2) Vein - Errorzone 3) Pinegrove - Skylight 4) The Story So Far - Proper Dose 5) Animal Flag - Void Ripper 7) Erra - Neon 8) Architects - Holy Hell 9) Silent Planet - When The End Began 10) Moose Blood - I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore Honorables: State Champs - Living Proof Valleyheart - Everyone I've Ever Loved Post Malone - Beerbongs and Bentleys Casey - Where I Go When I'm Sleeping Tiny Moving Parts - Swell EPs of the Year: Counterparts - Private Room LIFT - Harsh Light Of The Truth Boygenius - Boygenius Ultrarare - Hundredth Currents - I Let The Devil In
  13. You know what's crazy about this? The article released on September 26th. Synopsis of the article in my eyes "So this happened and that happened, oh and uh new album on Friday, September 28th." Like DUDE way to make a comeback haha. I didn't have time to even anticipate this album because it released out of nowhere. I'm so happy it did.
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