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  1. The end of "Threatening" made me think part of the album was going to be Ai640-esque haha. Sick album though! Lots of variety. I think "I'm Good" may be the best solo song he's released. I could see it getting pretty popular.
  2. Palisades for all and to all a good night!
  3. This is that shit I DO like. Very unique with some cool elements and vibes. The other tracks are on par with the singles, so I'm definitely impressed.
  4. I actually really enjoyed "The Old Me", so hopefully the rest of the album is as good or even somewhat close to the level of their old music. Thanks for the post!
  5. I knew this album would be amazing and yet, it still exceeded my expectations. His unclean vocals are absolutely insane. Fantastic release from these guys.
  6. Lots of bangers on here.. some cringey stuff too.. but overall, a pretty damn good album. I'll definitely be listening to this a lot at the gym.
  7. FUCK YES. This was already my AOTY just based on the singles.. beyond excited to listen to the rest.
  8. Woah. This is tight as fuck. First I've heard of them as well.. I'll have to check out Vol. I & II.
  9. Literally listening to this guy live as I'm typing this. He's sick! Landon Tewers up soon ?
  10. Best Metalcore album so far this year imo. Let's hope they get signed by a big label; they deserve so much more popularity. 9/10 from me.
  11. I listened to their last album quite a bit when it got posted on here, but I'll definitely have to go back and listen to some of their older stuff too!
  12. Sleepwalking by Memphis May Fire is an album I always find myself going back to. The way they blend Post-Hardcore with Southern Rock elements is something I haven't seen around too much. Does anyone know of any other albums/bands with this type of sound? Post-Hardcore or Metalcore with Southern Rock vibes and some solid cleans? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello! Would you be able to get some music from Bryce Vine, please? Lazy Fair - EP (2014) Night Circus - EP (2016) Drew Barrymore - Single (2017) Thank you so much! Also, check this dude out if you've never listened to him before. He makes some pretty fun music. You're the best, KL!
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