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  1. This album is so fucking solid from start to finish. These guys never disappoint!
  2. Wow, these guys truly never let me down! Solid album, I really dig every track and think the pacing is superb! The tracklist is a little light, but I'm glad they didn't try to force too many tracks and end up with filler. This album is very good!
  3. IW2DWY is my favorite track on the record, and the album as a whole is pretty damn solid! I really enjoyed my first listen and plan on listening to it many more times throughout this year!
  4. Those two new tracks are absolute bangers!
  5. I can already tell this is going to be my Album of the Year. This album is going to fucking slam!
  6. Vaxis - Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures - Coheed and Cambria RITUALS - Deaf Havana [Untitled] - mewithoutYou Eat The Elephant - A Perfect Circle Rue - Hellions This Too Won't Pass - Can't Swim Shrine - The Republic of Wolves Thank You For Today - Death Cab For Cutie Crown Shyness - Trash Boat Composure - Real Friends
  7. Was super excited for a second. Thought this was "The Dear Hunter" at first.
  8. This album is insane! Absolutely phenomenal. This band can do no wrong.
  9. This album is nothing short of excellent. I was expecting it to be a good one, but it exceeded my expectations by miles. Absurdly good.
  10. Every single is phenomenal. I absolutely cannot wait for the full release!
  11. This will be AOTY. Not a bad song released so far.
  12. Wow, this song is fucking insane! Love it. They continue to be my new "The Used."
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