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  1. I love this EP, "Can't get you out of my mind" is a total banger!
  2. I love this song, I'm so happy they're back!
  3. Stray Bullets is actually pretty damn good. That and Death Rattle are my favorites on this EP!
  4. Umm, this song fucking goes hard. Holy shit. I love this.
  5. What if it's to agree with you, though, @Maximo?
  6. This album is fucking great! Welcome back, The Used!
  7. Pretty good track. Sort of reminds me of All Time Low in some parts (which isn't a bad thing).
  8. SUPER impressed with all the singles they released so far for this album. This song was great live, even better here. I cannot wait for this album!
  9. This is a great track! I cannot wait to hear the rest of this album!
  10. You can just feel the tension and emotion in every track. I really enjoyed my first listen! I have a feeling this will make it into my top ten, if not five, at the end of the year! This is a very solid album!
  11. This track slaps, they truly never disappoint! I love that cover art too! Can't wait for the new album, I have high hopes for it!
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