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  1. This album is insane! Absolutely phenomenal. This band can do no wrong.
  2. This album is nothing short of excellent. I was expecting it to be a good one, but it exceeded my expectations by miles. Absurdly good.
  3. Every single is phenomenal. I absolutely cannot wait for the full release!
  4. This will be AOTY. Not a bad song released so far.
  5. Wow, this song is fucking insane! Love it. They continue to be my new "The Used."
  6. Whoah, what an album, fucking phenomenal! Did not expect it to be this good. Damn!
  7. This song fucking rocks! Holy hell, this is phenomenal!
  8. "Losing My Life" perfectly describes the feeling you get when you press play on this song... End me now.
  9. Holy fuck I love this album. It's so good!
  10. This album is pretty damn awesome! I'm so glad State Champs still continue to make great Pop-Punk music!
  11. Released on the same day as Microsoft's E3 Conference... Hmmm... (Kidding) This song rocks though!
  12. After listening to it... Coheed is fucking back, baby! This song shreds!
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