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  1. The singles already made it better than always strive and prosper
  2. Puke fucking rock
  3. Loved LNOTGY and I love this even more
  4. He's on XXL next year no doubt about it
  5. Listen to this if you like crazy shit. Reminds me a lot of cattle decap
  6. Is no absolution really apart of the tracklisting? Hell yeah
  7. Empire of dirt goes HARD
  8. All three singles have been great, can't wait for the whole album
  9. Yeah I can shake my ass to this
  10. tbh i'm not too crazy on the new single. I was way more hyped when they dropped The Wake for found in far away places
  11. Disdain is the most chaotic 2 minutes of my life. Metalcore AOTY for me
  12. oh my fucking god this shit fucking SLAPS
  13. Wasn't sure about pre-ordering after anything to numb, but pain again sealed it