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  1. Fuck this is tight
  2. My least favorite single but still solid
  3. Easily my favorite STYG album. The choruses are phenomenal and the singing is sick.
  4. Always checked out previews and never understood why people didn't check them cause they wanted to be surprised. Wanted to be surprised with this but kinda impossible with Sumerian marketing the shit outta this with clips
  5. Nothing stellar, never alone was better
  6. Fucking banger
  7. I'm starting to really fucking love these guys
  8. Really lovin this new sound they have
  9. Got my copy today but i got work soon and it would take me an hour to rip and upload. If there isn't a 320 in about 7 hours I'll gladly rip 320
  10. Jesse cash blessing us with this gem
  11. I think these guys are hot garbage but they got some killer artwork
  12. 4/4 with the singles for me
  13. This shit sounds fucking TOUGH
  14. Free this man
  15. Never got into them but I'll definitely check the rest out