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  1. Yeah, this is amazing. Reminds me of Eidola with a dash of He Is Legend.
  2. Love this album. FFO Misery Signals. Every song is golden, but The Surface is a classic in my book.
  3. I did the same thing, making the album 13 tracks. I named the "3" songs 3 (Pt. I), etc. Kind of makes the album better knowing it's actually 13 tracks.
  4. Definitely need more listens to properly rate this album, but this seems to be another awesome album. They are up there with ABR in terms of consistency in metalcore; 4/4. They are definitely a band that "can't write a bad song."
  5. Same here. Of Malice is my favorite album ever. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for the album.
  6. This album seems like it would've fit nicely between A Types and Magnetic North. All 3 songs have been super catchy. Will definitely be in my top 3 of the year if the entire album is of this quality.
  7. To be fair, he really only does this in "Prey" and "The Void". I totally agree though, that vocal style is...just not good.
  8. Thankfully "Prey" is far and away the worst song. Pleasantly surprised with this album.
  9. Totally man. They're totally ripping off Fire From The Gods. Just like Metallica stole the riff in "Sad But True" from Avenged Sevenfold's "This Means War".
  10. Seriously. It's getting kind of annoying that "Progressive" get thrown in front of every metalcore band these days.
  11. Agreed. Those are two of my favorite melodic hardcore/metalcore albums ever. Not digging these new songs, but hopefully their full-length, whenever they release it, is better.
  12. Not a huge fan of the album, but "Loneliness" is now my favorite song from it. Definitely the most Underoath-y song on the album. I feel like you can actually hear the guitars in this song haha.
  13. This album is amazing; definitely for fans of HAIM & The Jezabels.
  14. I guess you could say it's progressive indie rock.
  15. It really does. 5 songs in; this is a very good listen.
  16. ...what if it isn't tho? (Not trying to be an ass, just saying).
  17. It's finally here. If it's even close to as good as Keep You this will be easily in my top 5 of the year.
  18. It'd be cool if they straight up re-recorded it. Would be sweet to hear Jake on it.
  19. Yeah man. Salavation and their debut full-length Heartsounds are two of my favorite albums ever. They, along with their EP To Breathe Again (also amazing) have a different singer. These two new songs...just aren't very good (hurts me to say it).
  20. seems like they took the music on the first 2 full-lengths and turned it up by 200%.
  21. This isn’t the album cover, it’s the single cover. Polaris is legit, but for me Surroundings >> Polaris.
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