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  1. Perhaps you're the one who got stuck in 2009
  2. I always need my Manson fix around this time of the year, thanks for 320.
  3. I know the guys are already out there by now but I hope this is going to be their breakthrough into the mainstream; it is absolute radio material while still keeping that classic Shikari sound. Really impressed by this so far and it will surely grow on me to become one of my favourite from this year.
  4. The "will wait for pre-order" is hard on this one
  5. I could say I didn't like this, but I'd be lying
  6. Tasty album
  7. The boys did deliver in the end, happy at how this turned out, can't wait for 320.
  8. Preordered and excited
  9. I had no idea they had a new album coming up, needless to say I'm excited.
  10. Oh sure, as long as the music is good artists can do whatever they please for all I care. I just find it quite amusing that they became a thing since Bataclan events, and before that most people had no idea they were even a band.
  11. I can't get enough of this record, the guys really outdid themselves on this one.
  12. "feat. Eagles of Death Metal" is this a thing now or...?
  13. Really been looking forward to this! Thanks for the leak
  14. I'm hearing a 'This or the Apocalypse' riff in Indestructible, anyone else?
  15. Took me a while to figure out who the vocals reminded me of but they are somewhat of a crossover between Stray from the Path Drew York and James Hetfield, and it's excellent haha