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  1. single

    I take it her existential crisis is over now?
  2. That G-DRAGON feature is actually pretty great. Other than that, just a regular YG entertainment release.
  3. Says the guy with J-Porn as his profile picture. Don't even try to deny it, we know where you come from.
  4. At first I was like: "What is this, cancer?" Then I was like: "This is actually decent Prog Metal. Not bad, not bad at all."
  5. Oh shit! Was not expecting this tonight
  6. Nevermind, I should learn to read.
  7. Would this be considered their official debut full-length?
  8. Hyped to listen to this in decent quality tomorrow, thanks for the leak!
  9. You and me both ma dude. As much as I love Deathcore, I was never able to get into this band. They definitely stepped up their game with this effort but I still think they are way too overhyped.
  10. This record is so good it prevents me from sleeping. Can't. Stop. Listening.
  11. These guys used to make great music. Used to.
  12. Not even 1 second in, hears Bad and Bougee sampled loop of Lil Uzi Vert sayin 'YUH' repeatedly. *shuts down computer*
  13. If you take it as a Pop release, this is a fun listen. If you take it as an EDM release on the other hand... Time to reevaluate your life.
  14. wow, this is gud