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  1. @NieR:Automata™ maybe relevant to your interests
  2. This is an interesting collab I didn't know I needed in my life.
  3. Wow, this is really fucking good. Maybe I am biased with recency but, could it be their best?
  4. Very happy to add this to my prog metalcore playlist for the rest of the week, thanks! Can't wait for 320.
  5. How do you like your Metalcore? Me: Extraterrestrial Northlane: Got you fam
  6. Yeah, I guess they are just so passionate about what they do, they won't ever be able to cmpletely stop everything. Stoked for anything new coming from them honestly, although I prefer the OTB project, but that's just me. Not big on this new track but I will wait for the album before talking shit. Might as well grow on me in the meanwhile...
  7. They officially "disbanded" as some of the members decided to take a break from the touring lifestyle but not even a year later they continued to appear on festivals in Canada and Europe and seem to have never stopped doing so ever since, even released an album in 2016 so go figure.
  8. Sworn In, if Sworn In were still a thing
  9. Northlane 2? lol don't downvote plz I love these guys
  10. I am supposed to sleep right now but here to support my girls who just released the album of their career
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