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  1. I like this new direction in their sound, very promising. I will be on the lookout for the album in 2020.
  2. I felt that on an emotional level
  3. The homie Celine hitting us with the heat
  4. Who cares about the fucking album art, music is good.
  5. Wow, didn't know about this coming out soon, nice surprise this week!
  6. Weezer releasing a Van Halen tribute album in 2020? fuck yeah
  7. Can't wait for the sequel: JESUS IS BORN
  8. I was about to tag @NieR:Automata™ on this before realising he posted Good shit.
  9. Me listening to The Love Machine before the vocals kick in: "I watched you chaaaaange into a fly" Woops, wrong band
  10. Fair enough. I at least respect the fact you listened to forge an opinion.
  11. Looking back, I think this might be her best
  12. I'd say it's more Jazz Fusion than anything. It's also crazy good, give it a shot!
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