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  1. Release - March 4, 2019 Genre - K-Pop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. Noir (3:29) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  2. Same, even though Noir has grown on me. This was an excellent release through and through.
  3. Release - September 4, 2018 Genre - K-Pop Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR Tracklist: 01. ADDICT (1:52) 02. Siren (3:19) 03. Curve (3:37) 04. Black Pearl (3:19) 05. Gashina (3:00) 06. Heroine (3:15) 07. Secret Tape (1:32) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes
  4. Very good shit I can fuck with
  5. I can actually hear the old Napoleon in this, crazy good
  6. This is actually decent shoegaze but put an anime girl on cover and everyone loses their minds
  7. These bands are getting more creative than ever with their names!
  8. Fuck man, I've been dying to hear studio versions of most of these songs and wondered why they didn't make the album. Thanks a lot for this!
  9. I was waiting for this. Easily aotm for me, no contest.
  10. Good album because there's HALF on it, which would have been a Bleach OP if Bleach anime was still a thing in 2019.
  11. This feels highly preheated to me. I love the guys and I don't want to talk shit before the album drops, but I feel they are slowly losing their edge and falling into "been done a thousand times" territory.
  12. I really love the voice and delivery of the singer too, just their lyrical content sometimes is just...
  13. Actually sad that you have to explain yourself. Can't believe it sometimes
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