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  1. I was about to tag @NieR:Automata™ on this before realising he posted Good shit.
  2. Me listening to The Love Machine before the vocals kick in: "I watched you chaaaaange into a fly" Woops, wrong band
  3. Fair enough. I at least respect the fact you listened to forge an opinion.
  4. Looking back, I think this might be her best
  5. I'd say it's more Jazz Fusion than anything. It's also crazy good, give it a shot!
  6. This is how you do The Ghost Inside while The Ghost Inside are decommissioned
  7. A Chungha x Rich Brian collab, I have seen everything
  8. Hell the fuck yes, love me some DADARAY
  9. Not sure what you're on about Kaiji, this is their magnum opus.
  10. 808 State, Mr Oizo > rest of electronic music Change my mind.
  11. 'Flexin' reminds me of some of Shoji Meguro's work on Bleach OST, groovy Actually most of the album has that Shoji Meguro groove to it, songs like No Problem (Keep it Alive). I can already hear some people hating but I think it's crazy good, fight me.
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