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  1. so a 2 year wait and a 3 or so month record label fiasco and we get a huge 14 track album (woo!?), that turns out to have 6 interludes, 1 song actually put in reverse, and 7 songs. and to top it off 4 of those 7 were released as promos/singles for the album as well, so in the end for those following the release we got 3 new songs. I love BAAO, I love how chill the tracks are, 7 Amazing songs, but i still feel pretty dicked about being teased 14 tracks only to really get half of that and I love their interludes as well, but i also really like the voices of the vocalists, y'know? edit: sorry, 8 songs after @LKA hooked us up with the reversed version of the powers that be, the lazy people thank you