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  1. IDK I feel like they are taking a different approach in terms of releasing material. I felt prior to the release of Mothership, every amazing song was released or leaked prior and by the time the album came out I was satisfied but I had already listened to most of everything already. There weren't as many "OH SHIT" surprises. It could be possible they are posting the weak / moderately slow songs first and leaving the best for the actual album to be released?
  2. I don't really remember the last 2 albums except for not liking a single track on each of them, so I don't know if this is like those albums. That being said, I dig this song. If this song is similar to any of the past 2 albums I might have to give it another go cause my taste might have changed. Looking forward to the new album
  3. I haven't enjoyed a Silverstein album since A Shipwreck In The Sand.... this is VERY GOOD.
  4. What a "surprise", DGD is still the best one off the whole thing. As with other PGP albums, the covers sound so monotone. It seems like they didn't really care too much for it. DGD, Capsize, Boston Manor, Eat Your Heart Out, and Too Close To Touch were redeeming covers. Despite Eat Your Hearts Out vocals being meh (I still like the accent lol), this was the only song that actually progressed into a true Punk tempo halfway through.
  5. They changed again? They were generic house and festival EDM. This has some chillstep and futurebass vibes. A lot of these songs are bland in my opinion only a couple good songs. Heart of the City is prominently futurebass probably the only one I would play on repeat.
  6. Was not digging it at first but it most certainly grew on me. They are on Warped right now aren't they? When are they taking time for a new album?
  7. I'm completely digging this track. Swan's riffs go in and out so smooth. Unfortunately, this will probably be the best track off the damn album with the rest being borderline to actual shit.
  8. No clue what the fuss is about. People sometimes forget that musicians have their own personalities and they tend to change their perspective of music and life in general. Any artist never does 100% fan service. They have to do it for themselves above all because its their passion that gets creativity into the studio. From a New Wave / Synthpop / Alternative hybrid perspective its a pretty solid effort on their part. I feel like all the ones calling this garbage are probably the ones who are still angsty and want them to revert back 2-3 albums ago. Times change, people change, and yes, musicians change. They all can't solely be a perpetual puppet of your musical preference.
  9. Now I was all for Fall Out Boy when they made their first leap from Punk / Emo with a hint of some pop hooks to more Pop-Punk to some Pop-Punk / Funk(ish) hybrid to their more recent mainstream Alternative Rock but what in the actual fuck is this? I've supported them with an open mind and this is what they do? I'm pretty sure they are now going for the "pretentious new sound for Coachella" that just sounds like a mismatch of garbage EDM with a random guitar riff around 3:15. I honestly hope this is pure satire and they are actually doing something progressive this album.
  10. Anyone in need of a Halloween compilation that isn't mainly hardcore dubstep? I have 2 playlists you might be interested in The 1st playlist has genres across the board - EDM, Dubstep, Electro, Ambient, Post-Harcore, Metal, Classic Halloween Themes, etc For the sake of flow the playlist might not be for everyone who want a more cohesive genre. This playlist is all over the place but fits the theme. The 2nd playlist is more cohesive with dance / party / EDM music and some classic Halloween songs thrown in. More refined for a cohesive setlist. I decided to make these compilations because I was tired of the hardcore Dubstep Halloween mixes that were just too draining since its not preferably my genre. YouTube is saturated with them. I wanted to make some compilations that were different but still retained the overall theme of dark / spooks / halloweeny. PM for mp3 versions.
  11. I was severely unresponsive to Ookay's remixes and whatnot before Thief. I thought it was going to be a sort of 1-hit type of deal. However, this EP is pretty good with different types of sub-genres rolled into an EP. The first and last track takes his own spin of what Marshmello is kinda doing, incorporating Trap and Futurebass together in a unique way. Not really a fan of the 2 Bass House tracks but I'm just not into that sub-genre altogether. "Sure" is a really nice standout ambient track with plucky-precise sound mixing with lots of subtle but meticulous detail in the sounds being used from classical pianos, synth, metallic jingles, wind chimes, running water, etc all used within the song. Not as good as catchy as Thief but its worth a listen.
  12. Although I'm not digging the auto-tune (his voice is so much better without it) its a nice album for what it is, an alt rock / pop rock rendition with a couple oddball r&bish & pop tracks thrown in. Would be great to have some of these in a future KL Summer Compilation. However, I do have to wonder if "A Dark Core Through The Glass Floor" is the type of musical conflict Justin Yost had with EDIU with the song "A Glowing Core Through The Glass Floor". The last track (an EDM remix) was nice change of pace though lol.
  13. Why can't they all be the best? Why can't I just put them all in a row and let them know they are my widdle baby meow meow boos?
  14. Better than the last album but still I feel like its missing something. I don't know how they can lose their vibe when Yost left, I don't think they will ever get back to the way they were
  15. I just had a feeling they would indeed add the auto-tune cocaine lol. Thanks for the up. My preorder still isn't here, I didn't even order the damn bundle with the beanie or pins that caused delays >