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  1. I think DoD's Hope EP is their best!! But don't discout the other releases, each got their own sound and style!
  2. wicked new track! thanks for the download! can't wait for the album to drop!
  3. awesome! can't wait to check out the new album from Pennywise thanks LK!
  4. hey guys; the US site has the preorder vinyl up: http://merchnow.com/catalogs/dream-on-dreamer cannot wait for this album, expect it to be something good!
  5. thanks for upping these older releases! they are great!
  6. what a release! thanks for sharing!
  7. sweet! can't wait to hear the rest of the album! thanks @BRDSX
  8. +1 I got to met Keenan in denver and he and the band are so rad! what a great live show!
  9. shit yeah KL! thanks for sharing this....... early!
  10. eeeep! been waiting to have a sneak peek of the new album! thanks KL!
  11. This is an incredible album, didn't quite know what to expect, and am so glad i grabbed it! thanks @mR12
  12. Gotta check this album out.. Something interesting hopefully! Thanks @BRDSX!
  13. Midtown is awesome! can't wait to listen! Thanks for uploading
  14. great single on the youtube link.. cant wait to check out the rest of the album
  15. damn this is awesome! thanks for the share!
  16. great new single, the progression of their sound has changed a lot since their first few albums off rise records... really digging this new sound
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