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  1. fuck yeah! thanks KL for uploading this! can't wait to dive into the new record.
  2. great release, dont' miss this one!
  3. yea definitely mislabled, downway is more pop/skate punk! but seriously how amazing it is to see the local band on here at KL! Thanks for sharing the new record from Downway. https://thousandislandsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/last-chance-for-more-regrets - physical copy link! ** EDIT: rad you changed up teh genre! thanks @rheia
  4. thanks for sharing this UNFD release! knew it was gonna be killer!
  5. Holy Shit! How did i miss listening to this when i grabbed it. Damn this album is just killer tune after tune. thank you much @Lord Rorschach thanks for uploading this.. time to go see if any of the old albums are still up for download!
  6. with so many views and getting the main page background image, gotta check this out. Great vibes on this record, reminds me of old school Sleeping with Sirens!
  7. @Lord Rorschach this is simply amazing! What a great sound these guys have! The opening to "Inner Patterns" holy shit, shivers down my spine... thanks for the upload, another album that I totally missed.
  8. holy crap this is amazing! I was too deep into electronic music back in 2012. Thanks for reaching into the vault for this one! can't get enough of these metalcore bands thanks for expanding my library with such unique bands.
  9. Wow, what a surprise!!! Thanks for sharing David Gray's new album. What a great voice this guy has.
  10. damn this is awesome! can't keep this EP from playing on repeat.
  11. ohh nice, what a surprise for this morning. stoked to check this out!
  12. awesome sounds, straight outta the 90s! Thanks for this!
  13. sweeet deal! this is awesome thanks for uploading these!
  14. what the hell, wow what a change of tune..... this isn't the old "too close to touch" that I remember. Just putting on the Poisons Single vs this new stuff, something is off with this. The whole emotional edge of the old sound is lost.
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