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  1. Really was hoping for more in the vein of The Offering. It took me a minute but I was really trying to figure out the guitar tone and the blend of pop vocals with that industrial/djent style. Reminds me a lot of Fightstar's Behind The Devil's Back. In particular if you took the last track, Dive, and pulled the outro into multiple sections of the song like The Offering. Probably could even compare it a bit to Sharp Tongue or Behind the Devil's back track. Even some of the drum style from Behind the devil's back track itself have a bit of those fills.
  2. I was actually about to ask, does the production sound off to anyone? I don't recall the Superhuman single having what sounds like a lot of clipping going on.
  3. I can't download this fast enough if that's the case. Hope it is good so I can go support these guys!
  4. Reminds me a ton of Balance and Composure; even the singer is a close replica. At least on that single.
  5. This features Scott and Tim from Polyphia per Phil's IG. Which you can hear at the end
  6. And also The Titan EP. Fuck it, get everything.
  7. Was super confused and thought this was the band Moving Mountains at first the way the youtube video is titled.
  8. I was like "whoa, these guys are back!?!" Then realized this isn't the early 2000s NJ band.
  9. I'm cool with this. It's a neat throw back. Probably my least favorite version of Hands Down though.
  10. Bought every track in FLAC and looking forward to Bleach Bath releasing. They said on Instagram they wouldn't release the final track or video for a few weeks despite people getting this EP in the mail and hoped no one would release it or talk about. Not sure why especially since the EPs were delayed. Solid EP though, constantly on repeat.
  11. Kind of makes sense since he had Jaden on another album. Plus. people forget Will and Jazz were considered some of the best in their time before rap shifted in the 90s.
  12. If you told me this was a rebirth of Moving Mountains, I'd 100% believe you.
  13. It is not but it was on an earlier version of this site IIRC. Not sure of the rules here but I have it and can submit it for repost.
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