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  1. And also The Titan EP. Fuck it, get everything.
  2. Was super confused and thought this was the band Moving Mountains at first the way the youtube video is titled.
  3. I was like "whoa, these guys are back!?!" Then realized this isn't the early 2000s NJ band.
  4. I'm cool with this. It's a neat throw back. Probably my least favorite version of Hands Down though.
  5. Bought every track in FLAC and looking forward to Bleach Bath releasing. They said on Instagram they wouldn't release the final track or video for a few weeks despite people getting this EP in the mail and hoped no one would release it or talk about. Not sure why especially since the EPs were delayed. Solid EP though, constantly on repeat.
  6. Kind of makes sense since he had Jaden on another album. Plus. people forget Will and Jazz were considered some of the best in their time before rap shifted in the 90s.
  7. If you told me this was a rebirth of Moving Mountains, I'd 100% believe you.
  8. It is not but it was on an earlier version of this site IIRC. Not sure of the rules here but I have it and can submit it for repost.
  9. If anyone is curious, the bonus tracks are actually from their EP The Running released in 2001. They are not remastered or anything, same exact tracks I got in 2001. They also have another EP "...And so it goes" from 2001. It's not quite the same style as their fantastic release Failure On.
  10. Been buying their FLAC on Tidal and streaming the shit out of these singles since discovering Electric Cross. I haven't been a fan of single, long term releases like this until now. It gives me time to appreciate the track more and hype up the next release. Happy to support them.
  11. No specific order 1. Prof - Pookie Baby 2. Dream State - Recovery 3. Currents - The Places I Feel Safest (Instrumental) 4. Erra - Neon 5. Underoath - Erase Me 6. Era - Bleed From Within 7. Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame 8. Anavae - Pledge Release 9. Hundredth - Ultrarare 10. Skyharbor - Sunshine Dust
  12. Didn't think anyone remembers that album which I consider fantastic. Now I have to check this out.
  13. Haven't heard of these guys before; the few tracks from the previous album and new album I've sampled basically makes me think this new one is what Hands Like Houses meant to make.
  14. Felt like I was the only one. Good Apollo V2 and Year of the Rainbow had some stellar tracks but some duds as well. For both Afterman albums you can pick the 2-3 good tracks and walk away. Color Before and this new album are throw aways. I saw Coheed and TBS this summer in Philly. They went heavy on IKSSE3 and Good Apollo V1 for a reason. It was outstanding. The crowd went dead during Unheavenly Creatures.
  15. This is going to be the type of album you need to sit and play start to finish. Everything will blend together into a masterpiece.
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