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  1. Dashboard Confessional - Heart Beat Here [Single] (2018)

    Ahhh at last! After 10 years, curiously enough I was listening to Alter The Ending this morning
  2. The Shins - The Worms Heart (2018)

    Earlier this year, the Shins released Heartworms, an album that they spent forever making. But they didn’t just make one version of Heartworms. As Pitchfork points out, the Shins are getting ready to release The Worm’s Heart, a new album that’ll feature reworkings of every song on Heartworms. (The idea is that the slow songs from Heartworms are now fast, and the fast songs are now slow.) And they’ve shared two of those reworkings. There’s a synthy and vaguely funky take on “Name For You.” And there’s a streamlined, slightly harder new version of “Cherry Hearts.”
  3. DAMN I should have voted...
  4. Weezer - Pacific Daydream (2017)

    Chill Beach Boys like album, really like the melodies. I prefer the rocker songs on the White album, but I also can't stop listening to weekend woman
  5. Beck - Colors (2017)

    Ahhh yes thanks! I was a bit worried that I will have to listen to this when the new Julien Baker album comes out...but this way it's perfect. Thank You!
  6. MUTEMATH - Play Dead (2017)

    AWWYEES Finally Thank you for the FLAC
  7. Being As An Ocean - Waiting for Morning to Come (2017)

    I love how the track titles tell a story, I always love when bands do that
  8. Being As An Ocean - Waiting for Morning to Come (2017)

    ohhh the shivers loving so far