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  1. dude i was rooting for these guys. loved their old stuff but this is lame. some songs are good. some are just drags
  2. damn didnt know they were still around
  3. Alot of people seem to be liking it. I think its a step back from their previous releases. Doesn't seem as aggressive as their older albums but mayb i just need to give it a few more listens. Does anyone know if its a new singer?
  4. single

    Glad someone said something.
  5. This is fire
  6. hype, miss their screams but this is alright
  7. Looking for Bands similar to this. Reminds me of The Afterimage. If anyone knows plz let me know thank you!!!
  8. these dudes have be quite for way too long, one of my favorite bands fuck ya welcome back boys. Thanks kl
  9. Sounds good, Their last album was great so i had alot of hope for this single. The Last minute of this song is really good. Was kinda expecting more but still good! thanks kl
  10. Set To Stun. Or The Used 2002-2006
  11. single

    Damn, this shits good. got that early post hardcore vibe
  12. Thanks!
  13. really hoping This or the Apocalypse come out with a new album. The Holy Guile would be sweet too.
  14. Totally agree this is their best album. Their new stuff just doesn't come close although i am very happy they found success. I am excited to hear this.