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  1. Much better. The Phresher verse was horrible, but Eminem at least killed it this time around.
  2. I can't believe how hard it was for me to cut down to just 10 albums! Great year for music. 1. Alazka – Phoenix 2. Like Moths To Flames – Dark Divine 3. Redeem/Revive – Free Minds 4. Thousand Below – The Love You Let Too Close 5. Villain of the Story – Wrapped in Vines, Covered in Thorns 6. Dangerkids – Blacklist_ 7. I the Mighty – Where the Mind Wants to Go/Where You Let it Go 8. Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves 9. Wage War – Deadweight 10. Eminem – Revival
  3. Redeem/Revive and Villain of the Story get my votes!
  4. I was looking forward to this for months. Didn't disappoint.
  5. Any word on this yet? I've been impatiently waiting lol