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  1. Best Discord notification all year. Y'all the real MVPs
  2. Woah that’s a nice surprise, didn’t think we’d get this so early, thanks!
  3. The older stuff was top tier and this is even better. Good god this band fucks
  4. Fuck yeah one of my most anticipated so far this year. Thanks!
  5. Couldn't have said it better. Instrumental version of this would've been better if anything lol
  6. Why did I have to work nights tonight, this is dangerous. Can’t wait to be off thank you!!
  7. Made my day checking this when I woke up! Thanks for the consistent hard work
  8. One of the most underrated bands. They do it so well, thanks for this!
  9. Hard yikes. The 3rd song is the closest one to their older stuff and the rest is closer to that Sleeptalk band. The difference is Sleeptalk played that style much better. Nerve Endings stays undefeated. Edit: Thanks for posting, nonetheless.
  10. My God is this ever good. I loved the EP and this is even better. Thanks for this!
  11. This band absolutely RIPS. Solid EP, thanks!
  12. oh so they're not dropping an album then? that's disappointing I was expecting an album announcement... thanks for these either way!
  13. oh damn I almost forgot about that, that's a nice surprise, thanks!
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