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  1. Sorry! I must listen to this album RIGHT NOW! Now I have an image of spinning a CD or LP on your hands repeatedly haha
  2. Really enjoyed this. Papa Roach has always been a mainstay with me since 2000. They developed their sound became very pop-rock and it works great for them and still works well for them now :)
  3. enjoyed it, didnt feel like any tracks bored me at all. Will be listening again in the gym tomorrow !
  4. Will give it a listen shortly not been a fan of the last album to much so here is hoping
  5. Could have orginaly been a PATD song with how it sounded so having this song as a cover by him is a good shout tbh.
  6. OMG another album for me to listen to! I dont have time haha.. NOTE: I WILL MAKE TIME!
  7. Only just got round to listening to this. Really enjoyed it. Having not listened to any of their music for about 8 years I am really happy with this sound!
  8. I like it, They have obviously changed their sound again as well which is nothing bad. BMTH are a Modern day Linkin Park and even Oli has stated his influence they had on him msuicaly when he was younger. I hated all their music until Sep and am not ashamed to say I became a fan once they left behind some of the sh*t that they used to write and play.
  9. I am sure that the band eventually turned into RR Mixtape which he never really finished tbh with an actual band rather than mainly him. I know this band has had its up and downs, but I think this song is ok I enjoyed it as I did losing my mind. With many bands many people want to be "in" by hating lots on a band. are they perfect? no but who is tbh. It's a good thing music is always subjective hey?
  10. just listened to the GR song, really took 2 or 3 listens to get into it but I enjoyed it, cant wait to listen to the whole album now
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