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  1. That is your choice but It sounds more like people dont like a song because it sounds nothing like they "expect or demand" a band should be sounding like....I mean its like Chinese democracy...It is good album if you purely see it as an Axel Rose solo album, think of it as a GNR album and it is garbage but I feel people judge a song not on the songs own merit standing alone as it should...its like if you ignore Linkin Park's old stuff and pretend it never existed then the new songs they have put out arent bad at all...do I think it is shit compared to say their first two albums? Totally, but if you just go in thinking right forget who wrote it is it actually a good song overall as just "a song in general" most people would probably say, in that respect yes....if not then im obviously one of the few who seem judge songs on the song,,,not the song on the band who made it...maybe I just have a vastly huge open mind
  2. enjoy the song for the song not the "it sounds nothing like they used to" dont judge a song on past songs by a band, judge a song for the song itself and that alone, dont judge a song on the bands past writings.... I think it is good, listen to it 4 or 5 times and it gets catchier and catchier