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  1. This makes me literally feel sick, and I love it
  2. Thomas had never seen such bullshit before
  3. "rift was a clear waste of time" That was Marcus's best cleans in my opinion
  4. I definitely bet this is the real stuff. Can't wait to see fans disappointed seeing this eventually come out as true. The artwork is legit, coz a part of it was already revealed with the release date at a live show.
  5. With all due respect, this is very much agressive after a long time, last time they were like this in Watershed
  6. I hope this is interesting. Their last album was a snoozefest.
  7. Lol tired of ppl whining abt the production, mix, master, sound blah blah yiddee yaada. Just shut the hell up, keep that audio knowledge to yourself and listen to the album for what it is Edit: To the downvoters: Let me know the next time when you get the gig to mix and master the next Baroness record, I'll see how good you're
  8. The album art is actually quite interesting
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