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  1. Gets better with each and every listen. Why does it feel that this is better than the whole of purple though 🤔 ?
  2. Didn't do much for me, could have been more adventurous
  3. The chorus is godly, it has a kinda Pale Aura vibe going on
  4. I wish more people would accept what IF are doing the way this guy does 👍
  5. Ya but the color of her lips gives it away, along with the whole colour scheme going on
  6. Doesn't the cover art resemble one of Code Orange's album ?
  7. Glad you didn't shit on (This is our) House. Its actually a great track tbh
  8. Lol, in flames are on a roll I guess
  9. Don't see anything wrong with the cleans here, they sound pretty great actually. Fully fleshed out track with battles, soapf and asop sounds altogether. Good combination
  10. Surprisingly no one yet has mentioned Arctic Monkeys...
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