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  1. None of the links are working 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Absolutely agree 👌
  3. Though I am not a donator, I would like to ask if ATMOSPHERES - REACH is on its way or not 😅
  4. Like, how can you compare abrasive techno, ambient and choral music with shitty background gangsta rap ?? Get your ears cleaned bro
  5. If anyone has bought the physical copy or mediabook, can you please PM the lyric booklet scans. I would be really grateful 😅
  6. If possible can you please add a 320 kbps version ?
  7. Just came here to read the reviews. Apart from kiddish name calling (🤣), everyone seems to like the album, and that's great. Since I have a digital pre-order, I will wait till the release date for extra excitment !!
  8. Hmmm, they stated that they were focusing on songwriting for the second effort... The hype is real, but, I only like their 1st single. The rest of them, including this one, is just straightforward and bland.