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  1. It is, Duong moved to Europe in the summer for school
  2. Thanks man, means a lot to hear you follow us! Glad you dig the album, and us at the label
  3. Check out July, the one they dropped before, if you dig this!
  4. For a non single, try the title track, or the latest one, Narcissus. It's just personal taste, I wasn't sold on them until they sent me the Rose music video, so it took me a while as well. Absolutely worth it, though
  5. Yeah, it's them. They have another couple of singles out so far.
  6. Yeah, there'll be more variety. Just wait on the next single out in November, that should give you a taste.
  7. They dropped an EP last year, and there's a new single in October, but no new album yet.
  8. Glad everyone digs it! The boys have worked ridiculously hard to get here, so any ounce of support is much appreciated!
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