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  1. The vinyl boxset has an instrumental version so hoping we get that on here soon if there is a download card for it
  2. That intro is absolutely incredible, the first S&M got me into heavy music
  3. When the "Ah Uh Ah Uh" at 1:07 is the exact same as in All my friends are dead at 2:52
  4. There's that typical Amity single "formula" again. I thought they got rid of it with AMFAD which was a very good single. It's not bad but not great, feels like this song could've been a single for any of the last 3 albums.
  5. that Marshmello song sounded more like ADTR than this did...
  6. I wouldnt be surprised, it is a pop punk album lol
  7. Doomsday is on the album according to preorder sites
  8. I was at Unify for the decade of horizons show and that CD captures all the energy and atmosphere I felt that night, took me right back there Highly recommended listening to it. Whoever recorded that did a fantastic job way better than the official Unify live videos
  9. My top songs after several listens: Same Bitches Over Now Candy Paint Rockstar Sugar Wraith Psycho
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