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  1. When the "Ah Uh Ah Uh" at 1:07 is the exact same as in All my friends are dead at 2:52
  2. There's that typical Amity single "formula" again. I thought they got rid of it with AMFAD which was a very good single. It's not bad but not great, feels like this song could've been a single for any of the last 3 albums.
  3. that Marshmello song sounded more like ADTR than this did...
  4. I wouldnt be surprised, it is a pop punk album lol
  5. Doomsday is on the album according to preorder sites
  6. I was at Unify for the decade of horizons show and that CD captures all the energy and atmosphere I felt that night, took me right back there Highly recommended listening to it. Whoever recorded that did a fantastic job way better than the official Unify live videos
  7. My top songs after several listens: Same Bitches Over Now Candy Paint Rockstar Sugar Wraith Psycho
  8. Very nice. New Bullet is the best Bullet. Venom is their best album IMO and this could match it.
  9. Dude i agree to a certain point, i dont hate the song, its actually grown on me the last couple hours ive been listening to it, same thing happened with Ire and i fucking love Ire now and man 'The Blue And The Grey' is the most underrated song its a shame it was only a bonus track it was the highlight of Atlas and i place that song in my top 5 from PWD.
  10. It's not that we want Deep Blue 5 times in a row, it's the fact that Parkway have pretty much gotten lazy, the reason we all fell in love with Parkway was because they were different from everyone else and the best at it, you didn't know what was coming from the next 30 seconds of a song weather it was a new riff, key change or breakdown it was so exciting but now i could see exactly where these latest 2 songs were going and knew exactly when another chorus was coming it's so generic. Wishing Wells still had that element of surprise and it was awesome.
  11. Pray the album is more like Wishing Wells.
  12. Pwd have had this logo for quite a while now, they have used it on merch years ago. Seems like its making a come back
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