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  1. I love ND, even after the singles I tried keeping an open mind but I just can't listen to most songs on this album. I like the mellower songs over the forced anthemic choruses attempted in the other songs. I'm just gonna wait for the Knuckle Puck LP to make up for this.
  2. I get the whole making the songs radio friendly and appeal to a broader public but still if I had no idea who ND were before, I'd listen to this song and label it a poor 5SOS cover band song. It just sounds so outdated and its a letdown seeing the instruments being dumbed down so much, as a drummer im a huge fan of Dani and his drum parts are some of the best in the scene but this is just average radio music.
  3. @Cam979 The entire song is just okay or borderline meh but the chorus IYIYIYIYIY part just makes me cringe so hard. :'(
  4. Just realized this EP is by Glenn Harvey, the ex-drummer of Moose Blood who got kicked out due to allegations against him. None the less, happy to see he's still at it.
  5. My AOTY has finally arrived. Thank yooou! Edit- what an album, definitely AOTY contender. 'Digging in' goes in haaaard. "It’s about hearing that someone I love has been raped. I knew the rapist. I’m still angry every day that he’s alive."
  6. Instrumentation is really amazing, just wish I could get into the vocals or maybe its the mix.
  7. I mean sure you're allowed to state your opinion but this is just plain rude as if you someone personally offended you with this album and everyone elses' personal music preference is trash.
  8. This is my AOTY hands down. I've never enjoyed an album this much in years.
  9. * sees the band has a single up on Dreambound * * clicks on download immediately* Dreambound featured bands never disappoint.
  10. Heard the first 10 seconds of the song linked above and knew I'd like the album and wasn't disappointed.
  11. Every single Waterparks has put out is so different and I love that a pop-punk band is trying out all these new things and sounding so good at the same time. Love the vibes of this song.
  12. I didn't have a lot of expectations but I really love this song and its stuck in my head from the day it came out.
  13. I jammed to their album when it came back out in 2016 all year and this album is just as solid. Don't sleep on this!
  14. Remember to Forget Me just might be one of my all time fav Blink songs. The acoustic guitar, piano, trap vibes and the drums on outro make it such a brilliant album closer.
  15. Been a huge fan of their first 2 albums but just can't get into this album. Maybe a few more listens, it'll grow on me.
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