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  1. I liked Madness just as much as With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear. I get the people who had a problem with them going poppy because its not a genre they generally listen to or prefer but musically, they were still good. This just feels like someone pressurized them to write heavy stuff and Kellin's voice is a huuuuuuuuuge factor the band blew up in the first place, the distortion and processing on the track totally kills his voice for me and holds back a lot which the band has to offer.
  2. Everything in this song seems so patched up and forced. Don't really like how Kellin's voice sounds a single bit on the song. Safe to say all the remaining hype I had for the new album is dead.
  3. 3 songs, 2 of them they've played live a few times a couple years ago. And they are just alright, nothing great. Really killed the hype for me. 7 years and they've just put out 6 songs now.
  4. Same. Really loved their last album and the singles seem good enough but just can't get into them as much as I'd want to.
  5. Yep. He's been teasing the new band for nearly 2 years now and personally, he delivered. His vocals are just so good on the song.
  6. This song is everything I love about pop-punk and a great example of a change in sound but still sounding really great and true to their original sound. Can't wait for my potential AOTY!
  7. This will probably be in my top 10 AOTY list. This is songwriting at its finest. Love how far John's come.
  8. This is so catchy. Liking this way more than expected.
  9. I just went through a break up yesterday. The lyrics are way too petty but definitely feeling the raw emotions, anger and vibes. Specially the ending part. Totally feeling it.
  10. Chorus has been stuck in my head ever since it came out. Love the breezy summery vibes.
  11. I remember hearing their debut single, Awful Ever After, and looked forward to their debut release. Totally did not disappoint!
  12. Loved their last 2 EPs. Reaaally solid single. Don't sleep on this!
  13. Really like this, worth the hype for me. PS- you added links to Wildheart, the Australian melodic metalcore band, this is different.
  14. It was very meh in the first listen but YouTube suggested it again a day later and I casually gave it another listen and I'm so hooked to this now. :'(
  15. Not a lot of pop-punk releases in a long while now but this will do for now!
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