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  1. This is so good. Can't believe I'm finding out about this band just now. Thanks.
  2. For those who don't know, this is the new solo project of Crooks UK's lead singer. It's so good, thanks for the upload.
  3. Am I the only one who really wanted Ben to sing more? He really adds a very different dimension to vocals but then again, such a solid and good album. Definitely AOTY contender for me.
  4. Hours of refreshing for this paid off. Thanks for the upload.
  5. I was very skeptical about their transition and first listen was rather disappointing as I kept hoping for more screams and heavier songs. But once I got over the initial disappointment and gave it a few more listen, it grew so much and every song sounds like an anthem you wanna scream along to at the top of your voice. None the less, Chemical Miracle is still better but this is an incredible album.
  6. This is so good. Can't hate anything this guy puts out.
  7. Anyone else bummed that Ben isn't singing at all anymore? The switch between Ben's and Patty's vocals in NHEA was one of my favorite thing about the band.
  8. Trophy Eyes new single and now this. It seems all Hopeless bands are aiming for happy go lucky group vocals sound despite Jayden's voice being so good when raw. It just seems like a waste of their talent.
  9. I was a fan of Sundressed's album but these 3 songs are on a whole different level. Amazing.
  10. I use zippy because for some reason here in India passtheleaks works a lot slower than zippy.
  11. Really thought after their EP last year some label would sign them up but anyway, really solid release yet again.
  12. Anyone else bummed Ben isn't singing at all on it?
  13. Damn. Didn't know they existed till now and now I can't wait for their album to release. Amazing song.
  14. @Six Souls x Their last album has a few really good songs imo they're worth checking out.
  15. @LinaK Ummmm, that isn't even their most viewed song on YouTube. It's totally not a one song band but yeah, your opinion.
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