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  1. Harry Styles - Sweet Creature [Single] (2017)

    This is a fake channel. xD
  2. Andres - Salty [Single] (2017)

    This is sooooo brilliant. *_*
  3. As It Is - Okay (2017)

    Kinda disappointed Ben's not singing more tho.
  4. As It Is - Okay (2017)

    It's sooo good. AOTY contender for me.
  5. You Me At Six - Night People (2017)

    Zippyshare link is down.
  6. Little Brother- Terrace
  7. Real Friends - The Home Inside My Head [Target Exclusive] (2016)

    It releases day after. So expect 320 or iTunes in a couple of days.
  8. Real Friends - Colder Quicker [Single] [iTunes] (2016)

    This song is great, totally loved the song. But am I the only one who's missing the last album's mixing and vibes? Because imo, that made listening to them more unique and they stood out totally.
  9. Who's your favorite band and why?

    Honorable mentions- DGD, Real Friends and Transit. :3
  10. Who's your favorite band and why?

    As It Is. The voice of both vocalists just blends in with catchy riffs and solid drumming and lyrically brilliant too. Best pop punk album of last year imo.