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  1. Still jamming to this greatness
  2. Reba Meyers = Love
  3. Sorry Mr. Voin, but im afraid to do that
  4. Yeah not at all, but you can hear some similarities
  5. Sounds like a B-Side from new Eskimo Callboy album
  6. Kingdom Leaks? More like "Kingdom Early Leaks"
  7. Just checked out this song and it's great but... I don't believe the vocalist is male...
  8. It's actualy Polish and Old Polish
  9. TOP 3 Bouquet Thieves A Memory Misread Great album but not even close to AOTY for me 1. They should change some things a little bit 2. It's only 27 minutes long 3. But it's their best album to date
  10. Decapitated? more like DecapiRAPED xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  11. It's G R E A T
  12. It's not good mate...
  13. I love this song and I love this album already
  14. This is Great