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  1. Fuck yeah, two of my favorite things combined. I hope they let Dustin compose more, he did a fantastic job with this. Thanks for sharing!
  2. They still sell the P3 Producer Pack. It's like $30 I believe and you get the stems for the whole album. Pretty cool.
  3. I've got the S&M DVD and it's fantastic. That and the SRV and Double Trouble concerts are hard to beat IMO.
  4. This is some of the best instrumental music that I've ever listened to.
  5. I'm not sure how to feel about this album yet. I'm trying to take off my nostalgia-tinted goggles while listening to it but it's hard.
  6. LKA4LYFE This might be my favorite album from them. I mean, it's par for the course as far as ABR goes but this is a really good album. Lots of tasty riffs, as expected.
  7. I like it except for the way the bass drum sounds.. maybe I'm being picky.
  8. Damn, this brings back so many memories... I've gotta say that I really dig this release.
  9. I didn't know about those guys. Thanks for the new tunes!
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