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  1. Pretty sure it's not pressed to the vinyl tho since there looks to be only a different sleve with a QR code to the song, everythin else is the standard pressing of the record. At least that's what I gathered from their insta post. So anyone that buys the tour pressing could just upload the song here. If it is pressed to the vinyl one could still always just rip the song and then upload it, as was done with the Basement RSD single B-side for example
  2. They have a special tour edition of their last LP available on tour that comes with that B-side. So shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of that
  3. People are gonna die at those upcoming shows lol
  4. He is. Their previous vocalist got kicked for domestic abuse, so for this EP they have a different vocalist for each song
  5. Saw these guys when the played at my friends practice space, they absolutely killed it!
  6. Haven't had the chance to listen to this yet since I was away at Groezrock for the weekend. But their show there was absolutely amazing, you do not wanna miss out on catching them live if you have the chance!
  7. They're on of the best and longest running euro hc bands, so it always surprises me when people don't know about them haha. But I agree, killer band, both live and recorded!
  8. Saw him supporting nothing,nowhere. last fall. Not bad, but too similar to n,n. imo
  9. Cause the were the first to do it, duh
  10. I guessed that by what they sounded like and how they acted on stage when I saw them last Friday. Especially the barking that they had in multiple songs just sounded like a complete KL rip off. But people seem to like them, so good for them
  11. Let me guess, they're fav bands are KL and Vein. Also saw them live for the first time last Friday and the cringe was real lol
  12. This goes so damn hard! Can't wait for the full EP
  13. Shit goes hard! But didn't expect anything else. Still prefer the originaly version of All My Friends tho
  14. The song with Larissa is gonna rip, holy shit! Didn't know she had a new band just listened to them, they go super hard tho, damn!
  15. Saw them on that tour too, and even chatted to her for a bit. Definitely a great band. And I'll definitely give them another try when they release more new material
  16. Jazmine is what made that band stand out for me. This song doesn't do much for me unfortunately... I get why she's no longer in the band, but this feels like a downgrade
  17. Quote from https://endhitsrecords.com/collections/new-releases/products/trade-wind-no-king-but-me: "In addition to appearing on Certain Freedoms, "No King But Me" will also be available on a limited 7" single that includes an exclusive, vinyl only b-side."
  18. Having the B-Side would very much be appreciated!
  19. Pure Noise is really killing it with those recent signings, holy shit! Also anyone know where I can find their first release (preferably free)?
  20. Ah damn, that was a while ago haha
  21. Also I guess the new albuzm is produced by Will Yip, since he can be seen in the video
  22. Wait when did Jason leave the band? Completely missed that
  23. Saw this getting hyped up all over my social media feeds, and I gotta say this does absolutely nothing for me. I guess it's alright if you enjoy this kind of metalcore, but I much prefer the original
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