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  1. Wasn't expecting to find this here. Such a great release, pure 90s nostalgia!
  2. Would've never expected to hear Justice on a pv record
  3. Was supposed to see them next weekend if it wasn't for the current pandemic
  4. Another amazing release from The Coming Strife Records!
  5. Not a fan of new PWD at all and the german stuff is just ultra cringe. But Schattenboxen is actually pretty good, at least Caspers parts. But I might also be biased since I like most his stuff haha
  6. Saw them open for Knuckle Puck a few years ago and they blew me away! Glad they're finally releasing some new material
  7. Nudie MAg rules, Triple B rules!
  8. Yeah this is definitely not great. Such a shame, they used to be really good
  9. Saw them play it on their last euro run with Knocked Loose, goes hard live
  10. Real Rotting Out, first album in 7 years
  11. The boys! They,ve come such a long way, glad to see them getting some recognition on here!
  12. Another Triple B banger!
  13. Good stuff, had to grab a tape to complete the collection
  14. Looking forward to the whole album, so many killer bands paying tribute to one of the GOATs!
  15. Already own most of this, but thanks for sharing! Also the shade mixtape would be greatly appreciated
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