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  1. It says 320 in the description, but when I look at the files it's actually VBR
  2. Same! Thanks a bunch!
  3. Was waiting for this, thanks for the upload!
  4. Probably his best release yet, thanks for the upload! Still disappointed that Lordlevel didn't make it on the album, need a studio version of that!
  5. he's also part of Goth Boy Clique which was founded by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal aka Adam McIlwee from Tigers Jaw.
  6. Shikari never disappoints! Just preordered the album, glad to see they're doing a cassette release
  7. Voted Blink due to lack of options. My Top 3 would be: 1. Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks 2. Pity Sex - White Hot Moon 3. Louie Knuxx - Tiny Warm Hearts
  8. still no 320 for the whole album?