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  1. Hyped! Also can't wait to catch them on their first euro tour in a few weeks!
  2. GothBoiClique till my lungs collapse!
  3. HARD AF! Not that i expected anythging else from them
  4. AOTY! These guys are seriously underrated!
  5. Yeah someone better pick one up!
  6. Pure Noise with another solid signing!
  7. Excited to see them on tour in fall with deafheaven and touché amoré!
  8. Now if only that tourt could come to Europe, cause that's like the perfect lineup!
  9. Very fitting with the current metalcore revival that's going on. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
  10. I wouldn't call it god aweful personally, but it's definitely the weakest they've released imo
  11. Loved their early stuff, but last album was a bit of a letdown. And this isn't giving me much hope for what's to come unfortunately...
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