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  1. Yeah Crafter is (or at least was, idk what he's up to nowadays) a piece of shit!
  2. They'll never top Root Of All Evil or Scatter The Ashes imo, but this is another solid song!
  3. The future of metalcore right here! Saw them open for Knocked Loose last week, killer band!
  4. Of course you don't know Converge, and you clearly have no clue what you're even talking about
  5. If anything I wouldn't consider modern metalcore to be metalcore, since it's usually pretty far removed from the "original" metalcore. But I'm also not really in the mood to start a genre discussion, so in the end I don't really care what people call it
  6. Was looking for this, thank you so much!
  7. Now that's how metalcore is supposed to sound like!
  8. Last album was a huge letdown for me, but this is sounding great! Just a shame that they got super boring live
  9. This is alright I guess, but compared to their previous stuff it's not doing much for me unfortunately...
  10. That cover artwork has to be some of the worst I've ever seen lol. Also rmember when Victory actually had any good bands on their roster?
  11. Still think Ultrarare is their best release, but this already sounds promising!
  12. Pretty sure it's not pressed to the vinyl tho since there looks to be only a different sleve with a QR code to the song, everythin else is the standard pressing of the record. At least that's what I gathered from their insta post. So anyone that buys the tour pressing could just upload the song here. If it is pressed to the vinyl one could still always just rip the song and then upload it, as was done with the Basement RSD single B-side for example
  13. They have a special tour edition of their last LP available on tour that comes with that B-side. So shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of that
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