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  1. Not a fan of new PWD at all and the german stuff is just ultra cringe. But Schattenboxen is actually pretty good, at least Caspers parts. But I might also be biased since I like most his stuff haha
  2. Saw them open for Knuckle Puck a few years ago and they blew me away! Glad they're finally releasing some new material
  3. Nudie MAg rules, Triple B rules!
  4. Yeah this is definitely not great. Such a shame, they used to be really good
  5. Saw them play it on their last euro run with Knocked Loose, goes hard live
  6. Real Rotting Out, first album in 7 years
  7. The boys! They,ve come such a long way, glad to see them getting some recognition on here!
  8. Another Triple B banger!
  9. Good stuff, had to grab a tape to complete the collection
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