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  1. One of the best euro hc bands rn! Shows always go hard, can't wait to see them with K//L next year
  2. Never met Riley personally, but have friends who were friends with him. One of the most genuine and kindest people ever from what I heard. RIP!
  3. It's okay, but they're best release will always be Ultrarare imo
  4. This rules so much. Hoping for physical copies!
  5. Wasn't really feeling Deflector too much, but damn, this is great!
  6. It's alright, but def was expecting more
  7. Demo was amazing, this should be great too
  8. Not actually Scott's first band, he was in Slugfest and Despair before this and Terror
  9. Been a long-time ND fan (since the AHOBD days). Wasn't the biggest fan of TPATP, and She's A God was pretty bad. This is luckily better than She's A God, but overall just boring and forgetable and doesn't sound like a ND record at all. I was expecting this judging by the singles, but I'm still disappointed. Oh well
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