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  1. Missed the whole b-sides thing, but would greatly appreciate it if someone could send them to me. Thanks!
  2. Larissa's vocals just keep getting better, she's come a long way since the Wolf Down days. Looking forward to this album and can't wait to see them again
  3. Got this on preorder, but always excited to listen to it a few days early. Also for everyone that doesn't already know, Wicca Phase is Adam McIlwee, formerly of Tigers Jaw
  4. Now that's my kind of metalcore!
  5. Well deserved signing! Pure Noise is really stepping up their game
  6. Was hoping this would pop up here, thank you big time!
  7. Apparently he and makonen recorded this over a year before he died, so that wopuld make it a legitimate Peep song. It just doesn't sound anything like him, so to mee this just feels like a cash grab
  8. Drown is kinda boring, but loving this version of Medicine!
  9. So much love for this band! Singles have been killer, let's hear what the rest of the album is like
  10. Another solid release through Triple B!
  11. Did some digging around and found this for you,



    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

    1. xMXUx


      Thanks a lot! Happy new year to you too!

  12. 1. Fiddlehead - Sprintime and Blind 2. Candy - Good To Feel 3. Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Corinthiax 4. Caged Existence - The Body Prison 5. Hundredth - Ultrarare 6. The Plot In You - Dispose 7. Respire - Dénouement 8. Only - Talk 9. nothing,nowhere. - ruiner 10. Nicole Dollanganger - Heart Shaped Bed
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