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  1. Was waiting for this, thanks!
  2. Haven't listened to flocka in a while, but this goes hard!
  3. Haven't listened to TDWP in 5-6 years, but love me some Julien Baker, so I was really curious about this. I actually like this a lot! Still a bit of a strange song to cover though imo.
  4. Big Bite rocks, thanks for sharing!
  5. Never heard of them before, but holy shit that stuff's good! New fan for sure!
  6. I own a pair of Sennheiser Momentum on-ear (version 1) that I bought 3-4 years ago and use daily, in every weather. Sound is great and they've been holding up really well, no complaints at all!
  7. My friend plays in this, glad they're getting some recognition!
  8. As well as members from Cruel Hand and Guns Up!
  9. Can't wait for a physical release!
  10. So excited for this, can't wait to give it a spin later!
  11. Hell yeah! Can't wait for my preorder to ship!
  12. Totally forgot this was coming out
  13. And Pat and Shawn also used to play in Have Heart and Sweet Jesus and now play together in Free as well as Fiddlehead, and Alex Dow plays in Big Contest and Intent. Which means they probably won't ever tour much with them all being in a bunch of other bands and also working besides making music.
  14. Didn't even know they had new material, loved their first EP!
  15. Was hoping this would be posted here, much appreciated as always!