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  1. Saw him supporting nothing,nowhere. last fall. Not bad, but too similar to n,n. imo
  2. I guessed that by what they sounded like and how they acted on stage when I saw them last Friday. Especially the barking that they had in multiple songs just sounded like a complete KL rip off. But people seem to like them, so good for them
  3. Let me guess, they're fav bands are KL and Vein. Also saw them live for the first time last Friday and the cringe was real lol
  4. This goes so damn hard! Can't wait for the full EP
  5. Shit goes hard! But didn't expect anything else. Still prefer the originaly version of All My Friends tho
  6. The song with Larissa is gonna rip, holy shit! Didn't know she had a new band just listened to them, they go super hard tho, damn!
  7. Saw them on that tour too, and even chatted to her for a bit. Definitely a great band. And I'll definitely give them another try when they release more new material
  8. Jazmine is what made that band stand out for me. This song doesn't do much for me unfortunately... I get why she's no longer in the band, but this feels like a downgrade
  9. Quote from https://endhitsrecords.com/collections/new-releases/products/trade-wind-no-king-but-me: "In addition to appearing on Certain Freedoms, "No King But Me" will also be available on a limited 7" single that includes an exclusive, vinyl only b-side."
  10. Having the B-Side would very much be appreciated!
  11. Pure Noise is really killing it with those recent signings, holy shit! Also anyone know where I can find their first release (preferably free)?
  12. Ah damn, that was a while ago haha
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