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  1. This album will fuck me up, can already tell
  2. One of the best EPs of the year!
  3. Didn't think I'd like it as much as I do, song goes pretty hard live as well. Still prefer their older material tho, but they definitely always deliver. Also signing to Roadrunner is pretty huge!
  4. This is the offical release, while the other one was just a leak off of soundcloud in poor quality. Songs and mix should be the same tho
  5. Jesse just can't release any bad music! Care to share that? I've lost it due to a harddrive failure and I've been look for that forever!
  6. Word! But haven't seen a single bad show of them, and I've easily seen them 10-15x. They just always deliver, despite all the lineup changes
  7. Only deathcore band that's still relevant
  8. Andy Hurley's still a beast on the drums!
  9. What band are you in? I've got a bunch of wretched records releases
  10. Saw them at Upsurge the other week, great band!
  11. Underrated band, glad to see them posted on here!
  12. Amazing band! Looking forward to seeing them with Deafheaven and Touché Amoré soon!
  13. Super hyped for this! Got to see them twice the other weekend in London, and holy shit did they kill it!
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