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  1. Oh hey, are you using the signature I made you?
  2. Pretty darn good from a band I have never heard of.
  3. Their EP was great. This is shit.
  4. She's so hot!
  5. Been anxiously waiting for this album to drop! Listened to the whole thing on their soundcloud. Really good.
  6. Sleeping With Shit
  7. Yes!!! I am so glad I got this band traction on here. They deserve the attention. They are sick! You should post their debut album along with the other 2 new singles they have.
  8. I like it!
  9. Yeah, it's kinda bullshit. Like this movie has a "real" musician playing what looks like the lead on this movie and you can't even use his real voice? What's the point. Just blows my mind tbh. Stupid contract bs... I could just picture that guy who narrates movie trailers, "A movie that uses real musicians however due to contract bullshit, won't feature any music from the musicians themselves."
  10. I just like how in the video they just posted on youtube for this song, Andy Black is singing it and even recording it. However it's not his voice.. Like what?
  11. I am sorry but this is awful.
  12. He is very religious and doesn't cuss in his music.
  13. Ooo yes! I loved the 2 singles anxious to check out the rest of the album. Danks for this!
  14. 99% of the time Australian Metal bands are good.