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  1. The singer is hot
  2. Holy shit! Sick tat


    1. Lugz820


      That ain't me <_<.


      When I made this I was on my ex bff phone, yeah I know the bff sounds stupid but whatever haha.

  3. Wow, I like it.
  4. You are an epic Meh.
  5. Thanks for posting my submit. This band is sick! Just one thing. 2. Ethereal has Phillipe of Kadinja feat on it.
  6. Not as good as the first single. Still not bad though. I like this band better then Jareds other one. I forget the name right though.
  7. Wow, I probably would have never read this if you didn't post on the discord chat indicating you were about to drop a novel on the VOM post. I was intrigued and had to come take a look. Reading your post I kinda zoned into it. I was listening to something but totally spaced and just felt like I was listening to you tell me this. It felt so real. Bare with me, I know that sounds a little sketch haha. While I may have not experienced the same anxiety and depression trigger as you did that day, I can totally relate to what you were feeling and going through. I too suffer from severe anxiety, OCD and depression. Been dealing with the hell that it all brings since I was 7. I too had a time like you had where I was upset, anxious, depressed, suicidal.... I always tend to listen to music/find new music when I am feeling this way. One of my worst times was around when Papa Roach's album "F.E.A.R." came out. I am not a huge Papa Roach fan but for some reason wanted to give this album a listen. I downloaded it, put it on my iPhone and decided to get back in bed. I went to the album on my phone. I clicked play and the first song played: "Face Everything And Rise". I remember sitting there... Not expecting anything. Not expecting to like it nor ever have a song connect with me like it did. I heard the lyrics: It was literally exactly what I was feeling. The fucked up thoughts, the tight chest, barely able to breath. I wanted a silver bullet to take the suffering away. I didn't want to live in this hell anymore. I didn't want to spend my days crying and asking why me? I was tired of living each day in my hell of a mind. I was so stuck on those lyrics I totally missed the whole meaning of the song. I didn't even pay attention to the rest of the song. I just kept hearing those lyrics in my head over and over. I decided to listen to it again. However, this time.... I heard something... Something that is now a part of me and with me forever. It's crazy how these simple words changed my life. Changed the way I think. They took me from that ledge that I felt like I was hanging on for dear life. It's like something clicked in my head. I thought, "I can sit here and let life eat me away, tear me apart and throw me to the curb. or I can Face Everything I was dealing with And Rise above them." Now, I am not saying I am cured. Hell, I still have really bad days. Anxiety and depression will always be a bitch. Something I have to live with for the rest of my life. However, I can choose how I let it effect me. I soon went out and got my first tattoo. I am sure you can guess what it was. I am glad that music has helped you through tough times like it has for me. Music is a powerful thing. Some people will just never understand. Life without music would be meaningless. I don't know where I would be today without it.
  8. Much better then "Riot" but still pretty meh. Looks like this album is going to be a different sound for them. Shame because their debut album was amazing!
  9. Not bad. Not bad at all
  10. Ehh, both singles have been kind of weak IMO.
  11. O M G!
  12. Sorry but this is sooo bad. Like WTF. Red has like maybe 1-2 good songs per album. So far this is shaping up to be another one of those albums..
  13. I NEED THE ALBUM NOW!!!! Not going to put myself through this tease of a preview.