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  1. This is a fantastic album. They remind me so much of Heart of a Coward.
  2. What a huge disappointment. The two singles they released years ago showed promise. This is trash imo. Another band trying to be that mainstream radio bullshit. I miss when they were Come The Dawn.
  3. Good shit. My favorite album is actually It's Nothing Personal with Myke Terry on vocals but I still enjoy the original vocalist. Can't wait for the new album!
  4. Stuff like this gets posted but not the new HELL YEAH? We are getting trolled ladies and gents.
  5. I ain't even mad about Aidan forming Dealer. Now we got 2 fucking filthy bands.
  6. What an absolute bizarre music video.
  7. I thought this was a new EP for a second :'(. I miss these dudes soooo much.
  8. FUCK! I thought this was a surprise Alpha Wolf album. Damn you for doing that to me.
  9. Not the biggest rap fan but I listened to this album beginning to end without skipping any songs. That's saying something for me. Very good album.
  10. I kinda dig the YT single. I get some FFAA vibes. Gonna check out the album.
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