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  1. Not really sure what’s wrong with this? Sounds good to me. Just some friends having fun during quarantine. Sure, MGK doesn’t hit the highs but he’s not a singer. He even said that. He didn’t do half bad tbh. At least he’s not using auto tune or anything. What rapper out here using their real voice singing a song now a days. Also, the original singer was like 16... of course he can’t hit those notes.
  2. Holy shit. Apple of Discord was great. Wasn't expecting this!
  3. Why does the album artwork have a guy with a scrotum hanging from his nose?
  4. Like the song but not even close to "My Mind, Myself & I". IMO that's the best song they have ever released.
  5. Woah never heard of these days. This is great!
  6. MMm love it. Old school nu-metal vibes. Like Korn and Static-X had a baby
  7. God damnit. That's 2 Corona songs that have been jokes that I dig a lot lol
  8. I normally like that nu-metalcore shit but this just isn't doing it for me.
  9. @Summers Link goes to facebook. Really like it though. Hope they do more.
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