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  1. Been a Knot fan all my life. They were even my first concert. I absolutely loved All Out LIfe. Honestly it may even be one of my favorite Slipknot songs ever. I must say I am disappointed by this track. It just feels kinda boring and empty. It definitely took me quite a few listens to get into All Out Life. So well see in time if this gets better with each listen.
  2. I love MGK. Idgaf what other people say. We get it Em is a legend but MGK IS talented. He has some really good songs and he can definitely rap. He is better than 90% of the active rappers out there right now.
  3. To those of you whom saw my post on here, it was a jokey joke. I felt that it was pretty obvious. I guess that's on me for forgetting we live in the world where just about anything you can say will certainly offend someone. Some of you literally sent me hate mail. To the people who knew it was a joke and liked it, I appreciate it. It won me the day of May 15th on here. Couldn't have done it without you fam <3.
  4. Waiting for 320 but highly excited for this. The singles have been fucking amazing.
  5. 01. DEUTSCHLAND (5:23) = Dutch Land (Dutch People Land) 02. RADIO (4:37) = Radio (FM/AM) 03. ZEIG DICH (4:15) = Zee Dick (The Dick) 04. AUSLÄNDER (3:51) = Islander (Possibly like islands) 05. SEX (3:56) = Love Making ( Possibly Butt Stuff) 06. PUPPE (4:33) = Puppy (Dog) 07. WAS ICH LIEBE (4:29) = Was Itching a lying Bee (Possibly a metaphor) 08. DIAMANT (2:34) = Dammit (Angry) 09. WEIT WEG (4:20) = Wet Wig (Someones Wig got wet) 10. TATTOO (4:11) = Tattoo (Body Art) 11. HALLOMANN (4:11) = Halo Man (Possibly like the game halo and referring to Master Chief whom is the MAN) Hope this helps those who don't understand the German tongue.
  6. This is really good. FFO While She Sleeps
  7. OMG please just go away... This band is soooo cringe now. Self-Titled, The Food and some of Restoring Force was good. That's literally it. Everything since has been complete and utter trash.
  8. Cant wait for an album. These guys are the kings of Nu-metalcore
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