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  1. Says file not found when clicking the download link. @realowl
  2. Easily one of the best if not THE best djent band out there right now. These guys are soooo talented.
  3. Well see child, when 1 man loves another man very much, they well... do the gay tings.
  4. In love with this song. Have had it on repeat all day today. That riff is fucking gnarly.
  5. I actually like the song but the mix and production is god awful. Really ruins the experience. Damn, They have really changed.
  6. And.... This is why this band has crept up into being my number 1 band. They are such a talented group. Always put out quality, throughout tracks. These guys can go nowhere but up at this point.
  7. Stoked for this EP. I absolutely love these singles.
  8. 2 of the best singles I have ever heard from a band. I can't wait for an album. These guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.
  9. This is really good. Surprisingly good. Reminds me so much of Veil of Maya at times. Don't sleep on this people!
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