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  1. Spinning was an amazing single. Stoked to listen to this. Very unique voice and I love it.
  2. You all are crazy. Dude has a good voice. They are always keeping it fresh and a very talented band that seems to be able to do it all. I really like this single. Too Far Gone is one of my top albums. I am looking forward to this EP.
  3. MUCH MUCH better than the first single.
  4. Love these dudes. Can't wait for a full length!
  5. ExitWounds is sick!! Kingsmen.... not so much...
  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YES YES YES YES! My favorite band just dropped one hell of a single. These guys never disappoint. They are killing the Metalcore scene right now.
  7. @LKA FYI, this is the (Clean) version. LOL! All the curse words are bleeped. I was like uhh.
  8. OMG YES!!! It's here! Love these dudes!
  9. Wow... This is pure trash. Band went wayyyyyy downhill when Vext left.
  10. Same man. Love the instrumental aspect of his material but not a fan of his vocals. This dude blows my mind. He is such an underrated guitar player. He's right up there with Jason Richardson.
  11. So good. Even with the misspelled album artwork bahahah!
  12. Really digging the 2 singles they have put out. Stoked for this album.
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