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  1. So... more singles? WTF! So good but just release the album already lol
  2. You and me both. Galactic Pegasus wasn't bad but man, this blows it out of the water imo. I am stoked to hear more.
  3. Indeed! 100% hand made by the creator of Jason (Friday The 13th) Tom Savini. Fully functional Covid mask. Underneath the prosthetic is the flap with cotton and a slot to put in a charcoal filter. I even got it signed by him too. Fucking epic mask.
  4. Release - June 30, 2020 Genre - Deathcore Quality - MP3, 320 kbps CBR *Andrew Baena's new band* Tracklist: 01. A Plague (3:07) Download Support! Facebook / iTunes *Really good!*
  5. I was nervous going in that I wouldn't like it, but I do. Maybe not as much as Look At Yourself but it's still solid.
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