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  1. OMG thank you! This week just got 200% better!!! Bad Religion is the best!!!
  2. The chorus and the solo are awesome, typical Sum 41 formula which never gets old. The verses are drifting into Falling In Reverse territory which should be left for Falling In Reverse.
  3. I've listened to this band for 20 years now. This has to be one of the best songs they've made. I love it.
  4. It's not AFI, it's not No Doubt. It is it's own creation and should be enjoyed as such. I love punk rock, it's probably my favorite genre, but I also enjoy other genres as well, psychobilly, jazz, reggae etc. I would never compare any of the genres, just enjoy them for what they are. I'm sure Davey Havok feels the same.
  5. Pretty good song, very interesting video. New album hopefully?
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