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  1. Parkway Drive - Reverence Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection The Amity Affliction- Misery The Plot in You - Dispose Erra - Neon Beartooth - Disease Architects - Holy Hell Of Mice & Men - Defy Fit For A King - Dark Skies Annisokay - Arms
  2. Needs more Joel. Seems Ahren is becoming the de facto frontman and Joel will be twiddling his thumbs when they play these songs live.
  3. I love this band for their music. So glad they are back. Can't wait to see them live!
  4. The video had me laughing out of enjoyment. Impressive for one continuous take. Excited for the album.
  5. Very enjoyable album. Reminds me of Deftones in parts but it still has a unique sound overall.
  6. I guess when there is only 1 album from a particular genre on the list, it has an advantage. Brand New in 2nd place is also surprising to me.
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