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  1. Royce is great in his own right but another Eminem collaboration (Bad Meets Evil) would have been AMAZING!
  2. Having listened to it now it's quite a letdown (in the way only one or two tracks are good the rest are quite bland). Thought she'd come up with catchier and better quality songs after all this time...
  3. Thank you! This'll be interesting...
  4. Thank you! Hilarious how in the word 'Conspiracy' on the cover the word PIRACY is underlined! lmao
  5. @Luc Psycho They have so many great albums it was always going to be quality! Lots of good stuff coming out this year in music... Exciting times! :-)
  6. Thank you! Good album, BAD album cover!
  7. Yes I definitely agree. Revival was awful...why does he keep saying it was good?! - I don't understand! lol Encore was pretty bad and Recovery was slightly better although too 'poppy', which a lot of Eminem fans were hating about it. Relapse, on the other hand, is sooo underrated! The accents were not liked by many but I personally found it an incredible album and love it! Music To Be Murdered By reminds me of a mixture of Relapse and MMLP2. Don't get me wrong, for me, it's not an amazing album but definitely a really good one.
  8. Thank you! Great band. I have a very eclectic taste in music and this site is perfect for that! Thanks again :-)
  9. Thank you! The band's longevity and continued and consistent quality of music puts today's bands to shame!
  10. After his break and return Relapse is one of his best! Along with MMLP2 and Kamikaze. Recovery was very poor and Revival was absolute %$!$% Haha
  11. Thank you! Kamikaze was good. Better than reviews gave it credit for but this is better than that. Eminem's rapping on the track Godzilla from 2 mins 45 secs onwards....INCREDIBLE, DAMN!!!!
  12. Thank you. This is great. They are part of a dying indie guitar band genre!
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