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  1. Gz on the life stuff, we had a good run. Not sure where i'm gonna go though, i've started to depend on this site so much, i'm basically at a loss for words.
  2. This is such an underrated band. That track from DGD's new album with andrew is amazing. The dude above me is my twin brother btw lol
  3. My ex played their first album to death. It's still a classic though. This was 2002. I remember because it was a year after i graduated high school.
  4. Yo fuck Mikey he's the most disrespectful piece of human trash i've ever spoken to. If I ever saw this MF he'd be getting his lip split. Decent music though.
  5. Jesus Christ it's like the 90's threw up all over Trenton. The first three albums were so innovative and imaginative and this shit just sucks.
  6. 1. Wolves at the Gate - Eclipse 2. Emarosa - Peach Club 3. As I Lay Dying - Shaped by Fire 4. Dayseeker - Sleep Talk 5. Capstan - Restless Hearts, Keep Running 6. Outline in Color - Self-Titled 7. The Devil Wears Prada - The Act. 8. Tool - Fear Inoculum 9. Our Last Night - Let Light Overcome The Darkness 10. And reluctantly Issues - Beautiful Oblivion, AFAI'm concerned RIP.
  7. This is true God-Tier Post-Hardcore. I respect Daryl Palumbo so much for his masterful control over his voice. I love the way he plays with it, which, IMO was excellently showcased in Head Automatica as well as GlassJAw. I remember being on the "Street Team" and getting the cassettes of the two singles from Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Silence. I loved everything about that album. At the time I was just nearing the end of High School. This band, Thrice, and Thursday got me through some very hard and often confusing times. I was a different person then. Always drunk and high, anti-establishment, etc. Typical teenage angst. I was made fun of in middle school because of my weight. Later in High School it got better though. Blended in with the "stoner" crowd and selling to the "preps". I lost a lot of weight in the past few years and have kept it off. One of the first tattoos I got when I was 16 was a Thrice tattoo and the GlassJAw lowercase g. I was always angry, always getting into fights. I got suspended 3 or 4 times during my HS years and I was also arrested twice on campus for stupid kid BS. I was also expelled, twice. I did graduate from HS eventually because the superintendent was really kind to me while the principle had "it out" for me and my so called friends. Which I learned later in life were just using friends. I was the guy who's house was the party house. Alcoholic parents, etc. I cannot accurately convey how much this music meant to me at the time and how much it means to me now. I still listen to it. I was listening to GlassJaw earlier today. This music helped me to shape my identity and when I listened to it it calmed the savage beast. It was always just so nice. I wholeheartedly agree with Edgekrvzher, this is the pinnacle and the best that Post-Hardcore has ever had to offer.
  8. I'm nervous about this one tbh. I haven't listened to the singles. I loved woe is me - delinquents so much. Issues were really good as well, just nervous. but i'm always nervous.Thanks for this.
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