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  1. Everyone pray with me .. that 90% of their new album sounds more like this. It's kind of generic but sounds a lot better than headrush and the anon bullshit for sure.
  2. Very much looking forward to a new album. Andrew Wells is an extremely intelligent and interesting dude. We should be so lucky that he chose to create music
  3. 1. Wolves at the Gate - Eclipse 2. Emarosa - Peach Club - xo 3. As I lay Dying - Shaped By Fire 4. Dayseeker - Sleeptalk 5. Capstan - Restless Heart, Keep Running 6. Issues - R.I.P 7. I'm getting old. 8. Hands like houses from 2012 9. Underoath - Pre First break-up 10. 20 years later - GlassJAw - EYEWTKAS
  4. Aaron was always the best part of Underoath. I can't believe he went along with their new fucking trash album(Underoath). Thee lyrics in Underoath's new album are so generic and shitty. I just can't..
  5. Was really disappointed when I heard that Michael Bohn left. Not gonna lie I really dislike Tyler's solo stuff... But, am really hoping this is good still. Thanks
  6. Their first album really caught me by surprise. It grew on me till I was listening to it every day. Thanks
  7. In the Wake of our Discord wasn't really my style but, I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to this.
  8. Their singles were awesome. Was just listening to Red Hen today. Thanks
  9. I was really excited for the album because the first single they released I actually like. I don't know what else to tell you about criticism of a band's sound when they've built a fanbase around a certain sound I don't think they're sound has changed but, their lyrics are definitely phoned in. It's like they used to speak a beautiful language and suddenly learned English. Is the best way I can describe it. In the sense that french for example sounds romantic/exotic and English sounds generic. Hopefully, that kind of criticism is more to your liking. I don't want to argue with anyone about it really because it's my opinion and my problem if I don't like it. And I really wanted to I tried really hard to get into it. But, at the end of the day, it was just extremely subpar for them. (IMO) And it makes me sad ..
  10. You realize you're just countering an opinion with your own opinion right? Anyway. This album is fucking garbage like if Spencer wrote these lyrics as a child about his drug addiction. They're generic lyrics, they're radio friendly.. just sooo cheap IMO. It is complete trash and it makes me want to cry.
  11. UnderOAth is one of my all time favorite bands probably really close to #1. Lost in the sound of separation was my favorite though Define the Great Line and They're only chasing safety were awesome as well. That being said, I hate this shit. I've listened to it probably 10 times but haven't really listened to it for quite some time and am just gonna try to forget about it and pretend they died in a plane crash or something around 2015.
  12. Alright, I've listened to this album at least 40 times now. It is definitely AOTY IMO. Favorite songs : Alone 15/10, Eclipse 9/10, History 10/10, Blessings & Curses 15/10 (I'm a sucker for their worship songs).
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