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  1. I hated monster the first 3 times I listened to it and haven't listened to it since. They are one of the few bands I listen to that doesn't have a screamer. And the only band I own a T-shirt of anymore
  2. I was like ... download , please be better than monster. I played it and was like good I don't have to kms anytime soon.
  3. MR12 Bro differentiate when you make a post called Slaves please lol
  4. I went and downloaded this after being disappointed in Hands Like houses new single. I fucking love this band now.
  5. I had to come back to the site to check and make sure i grabbed the right song. Wtf.
  6. This band... I loved them so much , I hate their new album. Everytime I think of part of a song from it I just start playing Lost in the Sound of Separation, to make myself feel better. Thank you for this btw
  7. The Lyrics for Teenage angst weren't written by him.
  8. I apologize but it does get me riled up when someone says that i look like a pedophile for making a gif that was relevant during the altercation of the band this thread is discussing.
  9. I look like a Pedophile , your favorite Genre is Post-hardcore but band is 30 seconds to mars... It looks like about all you can do is insult people and type lol after it. Where's your profile pic?
  10. Sad their first album was what the kids call a "Banger"
  11. I tweeted Mikey like 2 years ago an he said their label wouldn't allow any screaming. Is there any? and if there isn't I think it's label needs changed from Post-Hardcore RIP.
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