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  1. Their last EP was straight up masterful, so stoked for this.
  2. Damn just when I think this genre can't do any more, stuff like this comes up. This is so sweet
  3. Honestly their debut album Hollow was so sick, the perfect blend between melodic-hardcore and djenty styles.
  4. I feel like this is the kind of song that will grow on me with more listens
  5. Not gonna lie, I feel the if the vocals had a bit more work done on em it would make this track much better. The instrumental is so beautiful though, and I def see the potential here. I'll keep an eye out on this band
  6. This is dope, but the band's sound has changed pretty largely since Sam Jacobs left the band. Still a solid album though, but I don't think it tops their previous works
  7. I think it sounds great, similar sounding to After the Burial
  8. Honestly, Ive tried so many different headphones, audio technica m50's m50x's, many different Sennheisers around the the hd400 range, Beyerdynamic, Sony, beats, etc, but I always draw back to the Skullcandy Aviators. They have an amazing amount of clarity, which is great for hardcore as well as any other genre. They also are comfortable to wear for multiple hours, (unlike the close competitor Audio technica m50's, which clamp way to tight to be worn for long extended periods).
  9. I don't listen to rap much but Royce Da 5'9 is on another level of lyricism.
  10. I'm no student of hip-hop but I'm pretty sure this is just a stab at modern mumble rap. Sorta like what Hopsin did with No Words.
  11. I was never a big fan of Kanye West, because I found every album of his to be extremely weak after 2008. However, I respect him now for having the courage to speak his mind like this. Will definitely keep an eye out for his next musics to see what he does...
  12. Lmao this is so heavy to the point where its funny. I fuck with it though, def gonna bump this during my workout tomorrow.
  13. Call me basic but when I see these two genres next to each other chances are high I'll download it (:
  14. I saw these guys perform the other night for the record release of this album, and they killed it. I feel like they're gonna blow up soon, and be up there with the likes of Citizen and Title Fight.
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