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  1. artworks-000672595402-n9xp1m-t500x500.jp
    Release - January 22, 2020

    Genre - Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

    Quality - MP3, 128 kbps CBR



    1. Noise (1997 Demo)

    2. Teenage Jealousy (1997 Demo)

    3. LIFE IS PUKE (20,000) (1995 Demo)

    4. Read My Mind (1995 Demo)

    5. Glitter Times (1997 Demo)

    6. Perfect Posture (1994 Demo)

    7. Lemonade (1998 Demo)

    8. Sorry As I'll Ever Be (1997 Demo)

    9. Last Heaven (1996 Demo)





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  2. On 1/10/2020 at 1:23 AM, Brandon Moore said:

    I'm a complete idiot and made my account using my real name since LastPass autofilled the wrong thing in the wrong spot. Can I get my name changed please?

    PM me and I’ll get to it tomorrow. Closing this topic.

  3. 9 minutes ago, ggl3dde said:

    After their debut, I was a bit worried they'd slowly keep removing the rawness from the early EP's but hoo boy does this prove that wrong.


    Wonder if it's the last song on the LP or not. 


    It is not, this is track 10/11.


    I just posted the album details in Rock News.

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  4. One of my personal favorite Emo Rock bands, Hot Mulligan, have announced their follow up to their 2018 breakthrough album, "Pilot". The new record titled "You'll Be Fine" will be released on March 6th through No Sleep Records.


    Preorders launch tomorrow.


    Check out the lead single below...


    Download the new single HERE






    1. OG Blue Sky

    2. *Equip Sunglasses*

    3. Feal Like Crab

    4. Green Squirrel In Pretty Bad Shape

    5. Dirty Office Bongos

    6. Analog Fade (New Blue Sky)

    7. We're Gonna Make Is To Kilby!

    8. Gigging In

    9. Sps

    10. Bckyrd

    11. The Song Formerly Known As Intro

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