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  1. This is such a welcome back style for me
  2. They sound a bit like 30 Seconds to Mars now? Not that it's a total bad thing. We will see.
  3. Didn't expect me to like this. I am totally agreed with " this is ILoveMakonen & Fall Out Boy ft. Lil Peep, not Lil Peep & ILoveMakonen ft. Fall Out Boy "
  4. This is so good. I'm so glad I pre-order this!
  5. Bump into them in Spotify recently. Didn't know they have new release
  6. These are so good. All his song post-Chester are so so strong and emotional.
  7. This is somehow remind me of Mayday Parade so much
  8. Oh wow, I love this. Thanks for this
  9. So glad they are back! Woo! Love the first two tracks so far. Thanks
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