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  1. Yo, this shit is fucking great, Perfect single to start a new year with.
  2. Isn't JD just on a hiatus? I was glad to see he was in the last music video for It is the END
  3. Nothing ground breaking or new, but it's more INK so I'll take it, but fuck I miss JD's screams on this one
  4. After a few listens I gotta say this is a nice progression from Vessels, tho it's not as heavy at certain points, it's definitely heavy in it's own right
  5. Heard Telekinetic earlier when my pre order arrived, I literally lost my shit hearing the breakdown
  6. It's not bad, last 2 singles were much better tho... Kind of disappointed with this one
  7. Manifest is great but this is getting me hyped for the new record
  8. @k a i y k o I have to agree with you on that, saw them live a while back, never even heard of them before that and his vocals are amazing, and I really don't hear all that much autotune compared to what I heard live
  9. Didn't get why it was remastered, so I found out Joel retracked his drums and it's supposed to sound better, gonna need to compare to the original tho
  10. I almost got hyped thinking it leaked, I feel so cheated ?
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