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  1. Anybody know if there's gonna be more of this? Im guessing not though
  2. Perfect example of a band that's trying to stay relevant, Craig should stick to Dead Rabbitts, he made some decent stuff there, too bad its only a side project. Mask is pretty nice though
  3. Pretty badass, sounds different from Silverstein's previous work tho, I dig it
  4. Listening to this while reading Aftermath Life Debt makes it sound so perfect as a Star Wars geek
  5. One does not just fuck up this album. These are honestly the worst covers I've ever heard. Anyone who grew up listening to MCR knows that no one can make a cover of their music and make it sound good. Anyone liking this never listened or appreciated MCR, this album is too iconic to mess it up like this. This shit goes below a 0 on a scale of 10, no more comment on that matter.
  6. Glad to hear at least some change from this band. Its rather refreshing.
  7. Still expecting better things from AA now that Denis' influence is involved, still by any chance not a bad song though.
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